You Can Chat With Fellow Crafters Through the Michaels Website, and It’s Produced Some Hilarious Conversations

It pays to be a Michaels rewards member. After signing up for an account on the craft store website, users are able to chat with other Michaels shoppers, and the results are incredible.

a sign in front of a building: Michael's Arts and Crafts Huntington Beach, CA in 2015.

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Michael’s Arts and Crafts Huntington Beach, CA in 2015.

A list of Michaels website conversations surfaced on the internet Thursday, and the Twitter thread is the gift that just keeps giving. User @LouBegaVEVO posted four screenshots of Michaels chat forum conversations, which went viral overnight.

The conversations range from genuine asks for advice on products and individual store locations, to existential cries for help…none of which seem to be met with any super helpful replies from other shoppers.

One unnamed user popped into the chat to say they’re excited to craft. “Hi everyone, I want yarn,” the user posted. “Don’t we all brother,” someone responded.

Another user let their chat partner know how little help they’d truly been. When someone asked if a specific Chicago location has a public restroom, the response wasn’t super insightful. “Walk in and ask, although I hope that you did that already,” they wrote. The bathroom hunter wasn’t pleased. “I HAVE MARKED YOUR ANSWER AS ‘NOT VERY USEFUL,'” they responded in all caps.



Some locals use the app seriously, like when they can’t find their spouse in the neverending aisles of paint, beads and creative inspiration. “She belongs to the store now,” became a Twitter favorite response to an inquiry for a missing shopper.

So how can you join in on the fun yourself? In order to access the Michaels chat you must first create a free account on their website. This requires inserting an email, password and you full name. Once you’re logged into the account, the Michaels website will present you with a chat option. That’s when the fun begins.

And since, it seems Twitter users have all given it a try. A plethora of screenshots now follow @LouBegaVEVO’s original tweet, and they expressed a moment of sadness for the once-secret corner for crafters on the internet. “Michaels chat belongs to the kids now. but for a beautiful 12 or so hours, it was mine and mine alone,” they wrote. ” I’ll never forget those 12 hours.”

Newsweek reached out to Michaels to see if they’ve noticed an uptick in traffic since the tweet gained over 33,000 retweets at the time of publication. We’ll update this piece with comment from the craft store if we hear back.

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