Which Size Entry Mat Is Right For You?

Which Size Entry Mat Is Right For You?

In business, size is important. However, small business owners know that larger is not always better. You have to be focused on the ideal size when you have limited resources and a tight budget. A sign should be visible, but not overwhelming, and occupy a space that is adequate, but not excessive, so customers can find you without having to break the bank.

This applies to the size of your entry mat for small businesses. A mat too large is too costly and cumbersome. However, a mat too small will not keep your floors dry and clean. What size entry mat is right for you? Based on expert consultations, our entryway rug ideas were created to help businesses understand the benefits of a mat.

Selecting Mat Width

The first rule to remember when selecting a floor mat is that it must be at least 80 percent wider than your front door. If your exterior door is three feet wide, then your mat should measure at least 28.8 inches in width. If your entrance has double doors, your mat should measure at least 4ft, 9.6inches wide. You should measure the width of your entrance door. A mat that is too narrow might not allow customers to step on it easily when they enter your business.

Entryway Rug Length

Once you have determined the width of your entrance mat, it is time to determine its length. Your mat should be wide enough to allow people to walk on it twice, one for each foot. It’s not worth cleaning one shoe if the other has as much dirt and moisture. Customers shouldn’t have to struggle to clean the mat from both feet. Although gaits are different, at least four feet is sufficient to reach your two-step goal. If your business parking lot has no pavement, you may want to install a longer mat so customers can take three to four steps to clean their shoes. To catch any extra debris, you can add an additional entry rug to either your indoor foyer or outside landing.

Check Your Door Clearance

When choosing an entry mat, the only other dimension you should consider is the clearance under your door. This should not be a problem if you have an entry threshold. If the distance between your floor and your mat is less than the thickness of the mat, your door may stick to the mat or stop when you attempt to open it. To avoid this, your mat can be placed on the opposite side of the hinges.

Other Considerations

Foot traffic is the most important thing, besides the size of your entranceway. You can get away with a smaller size for doorways that receive low to medium traffic. For high traffic areas, however, you’ll need a larger mat. Because so many people are walking on them, smaller mats “fill up” faster and need to be cleaned more frequently.

Always Choose The Right Size Mats

We offer many sizes and styles of entry mats. You can also find commercial floor mats on our page.