Tribute to a timeless icon

“Fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever”.

These are the famous words attributed to fashion icon Coco Chanel, whose legacy and influence still looms large today.

More than 45 years after her death, fashionistas still make pilgrimages to her old Paris apartment, hoping to discover style inspiration.

But why spend money on a flight to France when you can get a feel for Parisian-inspired magic right here in Perth?

The Coco display by Stannard Homes is a masterful execution of luxury living, exuding all the refined elegance and tasteful sophistication of a Parisian fashion house.

Stannard Homes General Manager Glenn Stannard said the Coco paid homage to the timeless class of one of Europe’s great fashion labels.

“This is a home where detail and style flow from the front door through to the very rear,” he said.

“It continually engages your senses, with stunning features, modern edges and a timeless style.

“But, most importantly, you will feel at home.”

With high ceilings throughout, you get an immediate sense of comfort and warmth upon entering this grand abode.

Upstairs, three double bedrooms are serviced by a kitchenette, a study area and a spacious bathroom – providing the tools for harmonious intergenerational living.

The lavish master suite is situated in a secluded area on the ground floor, offering a chance for the parents to unwind and relax in their own space after a big day.

Keeping with the internationally influenced design, the kitchen is decked out with European appliances, including two stainless steel ovens, a rangehood and a 900mm gas cooktop.

Working with Rounded Edge Style Interior Stylist Nicola Draper-Henkel, Stannard Homes has tied all the house’s design elements together.

“Nicola has done the most amazing job of complementing each room, yet not overshadowing the layout with unnecessary clutter – finishing the home off with stunning flair,” Mr Stannard said.

“Black, white and beige are the base colours to give warmth, add excitement and highlight space.”

The display is in Dianella and is open for viewing on Wednesdays from 2-5pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm, or by private appointment.


Beds 4

Baths 2

Address 66 Osborne Road, Dianella

Price From $545,630 (Signature specification). As displayed $741,556.

Builder Stannard Homes

Contact 9446 5500

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