Tips and Tricks in Choosing Custom Mugs for Your Business

Tips and Tricks in Choosing Custom Mugs for Your Business

If you are in need of personalized mugs, you should not just arbitrarily pick the first cup you find in the supermarket. It needs to take more time to think when picking the best-customized coffee or tea mug for your business. According to studies, over 60% of individuals have emotional attachments to their favorite coffee mugs.

Their business can be part of their love for the collection if they take a lot of time to choose an exceptional cup. Here are some helpful tips people need to keep in mind when choosing their mugs. Everyone who will receive these things as gifts will feel a lot of happiness in every sip of their favorite hot or cold beverage.

Make these things portable

Individuals are always busy with their lives. They want to be always on the go. People today may not have enough time to sit down and enjoy their breakfast with their favorite beverages. With this in mind, people will get the best exposure if they print the logo on a portable travel cup.

Stainless steel is an excellent material because it is long-lasting and pretty durable. People also cannot go wrong with a microwaveable travel cup. Your clients will be thankful that you took a lot of time to think about their fast-paced and busy lives.

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Think about the business

Every enterprise is going to want something different and unique when it comes to custom coffee mugs. They need to tailor their products to their industry.

Diner – They need to stick with classic white cups with their logo printed on the front. Their clients are there for the pop and mom experience and want to feel that little retro flair with shiny ceramic cups in hand.

Bistro or coffee shop – If a person has a downtown restaurant or coffee shop, they can choose personalized cups that reflect the place’s cuteness. A distinct color or shape will always be associated with their establishment.

Brewery or bar – Individuals can consider adding their logo to the customized wine mug, copper cup for the Mules, or beer Steins with handles. They can also sell these things as souvenirs to tourists.

Resort or hotel – Make individuals think of paradise with curvy mugs with eye-catching or bright colors. Visitors are there to have an excellent time, so these things need to reflect everything that is exciting and fun. Keep them on tables for complimentary breakfasts.

Use different colors wisely

If you are new to this industry, the number one rule is only to use one color if it is screen printing or to find full-color printing options. Your finances will thank you later. Colors matter when it comes to the customization of beverage mugs. Business owners want their company colors to be part of the cup design, either it is in the mug itself or the ink design.

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For example, food chains need to have their company colors somewhere in their final products. McDonald’s, Apple, or FedEx need to make sure that their colors (red and yellow for McDonald’s, White and sleek gray for Apple, and orange and purple for FedEx) are shown in their products.

Be trendy and unique

Nobody is interested in boring mugs like the ones they can find everywhere and anywhere. Take a lot of time to choose something that is trendy and unique. We want our mugs to be used every day and for us to take pictures and share them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If the cup is cool enough, other individuals are going to want to get these things for themselves.

Make it Eco-Friendly

Reusable cupsare way better for our planet compared to disposable ones. As a matter of fact, more or less 90% of coffee cups are not being recycled, according to research. People can do their part in making these things as eco-friendly as possible.

Final thoughts

Everyone is allowed to be choosy when it comes to their custom design mugs business. These things are something that will get a lot of usages since almost everyone likes to drink tea or coffee. In the United States, more or less 400 million cups of “Joe’s” or coffee are consumed every day. Individuals clearly have their favorites, do not be hasty when making a decision. Look for cups or mugs that are colorful, portable, trendy, and relevant to who they are and what they are all about.