These 11 Stylish Bathroom Remodel Ideas Are Brilliant

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OK, you’ve decided your bathroom needs a revamp. Whether you’re looking to do a complete overhaul or change up one aspect of the space, you have to start somewhere, right? If you have a general idea of what you want to change but don’t know exactly what you want to do with it, these bathroom remodel ideas will give you major inspo. By the end of reading, you just may want to move your shower to the end of the room or replace dull, outdated countertops. Whatever you’re after, you’ll be ready to move forward with your bathroom makeover after a look through these designs.

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Before: Shower Location

This outdated bathroom originally had a bathtub and shower combo situated length-wise with limited vanity space next to it, making the room feel smaller as a whole.

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After: Shower Location

With a simple shift in the tub and toilet area of this kids’ bathroom, designer Emily Henderson freed up space for a double vanity and extra storage. Plus, she gave it a playful, contemporary look that makes the room bright and airy.

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Before: Flooring

The floors in this bathroom are hardly a show-stopper, which made them the perfect candidate for a stunning makeover.

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After: Flooring

The super plain tiles that previously graced the floors of this bathroom were replaced with smaller black, white, and gray tiles that form a tiny hexagon pattern. The switch–in a bathroom designed by Dabito, the founder and creative director of Old Brand New–makes such a big difference!

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Before: Vanity

This bathroom had one big mirror and one sink in it, but there’s plenty of space for a second sink and even more storage.

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After: Double Vanity

Designer Summer Thorton turned a dark, cramped space into this bright area with maximum storage. The double vanity features ample cabinet room for stowing all toiletries and freeing up counter space.

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Before: Tiling

The basic, white square tiles on the walls of this bathroom scream drab. Imagine the personality you could replace those with!

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After: Tiling

Designer Courtney McLeod of Right Meets Left Interior Design turned a boring tile concept into a this gorgeous, eye-catching work of art. The colors are fairly subtle with black, white, grays, and greens, but the pattern really makes it stand out.

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Before: Shower Shape

Sure, you could go with a basic rectangular shower look, but what’s the fun in that? Thinking beyond that framework will add an enticing element to your overall bathroom design.

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After: Shower Shape

This shower, by Old Brand New, is framed by a yellow archway which gives a pop of color and sections the shower off to protect the rest of the space from steam.

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Before: All White

A simple white bathroom could come off chic, but this tiny bath comes off boring and sad. A white space is the perfect canvas to get creative with color and pattern.

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After: Pattern

Even covering half of the walls in a gorgeous, fun wallpaper will make the space look way more inviting. Designer Emily Henderson gave this bath a beautiful touch of blue foliage along with a fresh mirror and under-the-sink storage.

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Before: Built-In Shelving

Cabinet space under the sink is often essential, but there are other ways you can make the most of your space without a honking vanity.

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After: Built-In Shelving

In this bathroom, designer Justina Blakeney added an arched niche not only as a nod to the Spanish architecture of the rest of the home but for extra space to store cute plants and toiletries.

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Before: Bathtub

A tub surrounded by a tiled area can easily eat up space in a bathroom. Plus, it gives the room a more outdated look that’s void of any wow-factor.

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After: Bathtub

Emily Henderson Design removed a chunky tub and replaced it with a sleek, freestanding one in this bathroom. The crisp, white tub with gold accents screams total relaxation.

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Before: Cabinet Color

These plain white cabinets are fine if you’re not looking for anything that’ll induce excitement. If you want to add flair, though, throwing some color on them will do the trick.

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Before: Countertop

Apart from the awkwardly spaced vanity area and oddly placed sconce, this counter is a bit dreary. It definitely needed some love and revamping.

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After: Countertop

Emily Henderson Design nixed the brown wood look for a modern one in this bathroom. The white marble counters paired with black and gold accents are incredibly chic.

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Before: Storage

The vanity in this bathroom doesn’t exactly make your jaw drop. Plus, it has filler space underneath the cabinets that isn’t really necessary.

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Afer: Floating Storage

A slightly raised vanity will make the bathroom feel way more spacious, as it does in this space by Old Brand New. You could leave it empty or put steps for kids or larger items underneath it.

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