The Block 2020: Scott Cam says copycat bedroom designs are ‘identical’

After days of controversy on-air and online, The Block host Scott Cam has weighed in on contestants Luke and Jasmin’s ‘copycatted’ kid’s bedroom. His verdict: It’s “virtually identical” to the room they’re accused of ripping off.

The scenes played out in Wednesday’s episode of the reno show, as Cam and Shelly Craft paid each team a visit for a chat. Cam couldn’t resist stirring the pot a bit and making sure Luke and Jasmin’s competitors knew something was up, a day after judge Shaynna Blaze had visited the pair to confront them on-air.

The two rooms side-by-side.
media_cameraThe two rooms side-by-side.

The WA couple received a perfect score of 30 for their kid’s bedroom and bathroom on Sunday’s episode – but eagle-eyed viewers soon spotted the winning room was remarkably similar to a kid’s bedroom at a popular Byron Bay Airbnb created by design company The Designory.

Blaze confronted the pair in Tuesday’s episode, telling them there was a difference between “inspiration” and “completely taking someone else’s idea”.

Scott Cam: "They're virtually identical."
media_cameraScott Cam: “They’re virtually identical.”

“Hey, did Shaynna come and visit you guys yesterday?” Cam asked SA couple Daniel and Jade during his visit one episode later. “Because you know, it’s not always good news when Shaynna comes visiting. That’s all I’m saying. Alright, let’s go,” he said, as Daniel and Jade begged him for more information.

A couple of houses down with Jimmy and Tam, Cam couldn’t play coy any longer.

“Did you hear about Shaynna popping in next door? What’s your thoughts?” he asked the pair, who were aware of the reason for Shaynna’s visit.

Jimmy and Tam appeared reluctant to speak ill of Luke and Jasmin.

“Umm … in all honesty, we’re not that worried about it. We know that other people might have a few issues about it. Jas did show me the image, and it does have a … very similar influence,” said Tam, choosing her words carefully.

“It’s virtually identical,” said Cam.

“She’s such a good stylist, and I don’t think she needs to look at images like that,” said Tam.

“She can get inspiration from those images, but not … well, it’s just not in the spirit of the game is it, really, just to copy another design,” said Cam.

Jimmy and Tam speak up.
media_cameraJimmy and Tam speak up.

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Tam said she and Jimmy had “made sure” to keep their designs original. “I don’t really look at too much inspiration. I don’t have Instagram, I don’t have Facebook – I don’t want other people’s designs in our house,” she said.

Cam’s comments come as Luke and Jasmin sensationally slammed Shaynna Blaze in an interview with on Wednesday, saying they were “blindsided” by her visit and labelling her “insincere” and a “smart-arse.”

It’s been a tricky few days for the couple, who have deleted their Facebook page and restricted comments on their joint Instagram account as they’ve been met with a barrage of criticism from viewers.

Luke and Jasmin face off with Shaynna Blaze.
media_cameraLuke and Jasmin face off with Shaynna Blaze.

One couple who know all about that are last year’s contestants Mitch and Mark, who reached out to Luke and Jasmin with a message of “support and positive wishes”: “Hope you guys are doing OK & know from our experience it all goes away,” the pair wrote in a comment on Luke and Jasmin’s latest Instagram post.

“It’s definitely come as a surprise just how nasty the online world can be. We’ve never had people dislike us. So this is all new. We’ve deleted Facebook so we don’t see anything on there. Staying positive about our beautiful home and focusing on the rooms left and the auction,” wrote Luke and Jasmin.

The Block continues 7pm Sunday on Nine.

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