The Allwood Girona Tiny Home Is Just What You Need To Upgrade Your WFH Situation

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In case you didn’t already get the memo, tiny homes are in, but you don’t have to give up your actual house to experience the cozy comfort of a tiny cabin like the Allwood Girona. Instead, all you need is a backyard and this cabin kit.

The Allwood Girona is a three-room, 202-square-foot cabin designed to hold the basics: a kitchen, bathroom, and a living area. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go ahead and do your own thing.

If you prefer to convert one of the rooms into your office go ahead, or even better, nix the walls and instead use the cabin kit to build one large room you can use to house your startup business or your personal lounging/gaming area. Yeah, you could probably fit an air hockey table in there. I’ve clearly thought about it.

Though you can play with the layout plan, tbh, this tiny home is perfect as is, and its beauty is all in the smaller details. The cabin features six large windows perfect for letting natural light in, a sliding door that takes you into the bathroom, and a small deck for you to decorate with plants or other decor items, and assembly is simple. Just make sure to grab a helping hand so that your construction time doesn’t turn into weeks.

Dreaming of ways to set up your new rooms already? Well, your new cozy, tiny home is just a click away. You can get the Allwood Girona Cabin Kit on Amazon for $16,390.

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