Sutherland’s task (“like doing a gigantic jigsaw with missing pieces”) was made more Herculean by the artist’s drug addiction. Brett Whiteley’s painting of his daughter, Arkie, under the shower. “Late in his life, Brett was short of cash for drugs and would sell works from his car,” she says. “He […]

In need of some extra self-care lately? Between late-night studying for the LSAT, taking summer session finals and trying to maintain a social(ly distanced) life, sometimes I just need a minute! And sometimes you should take a minute too. Time has been flying by and the days are all starting […]

We’re all used to the standard rental advertisement language: “Beautiful 3-bedroom apartment in heart of city — A MUST SEE!” But, what if you put something like this instead: “Quiet 1-bedroom apartment with 2 dedicated home offices — WORK FROM HOME!” New data suggests that the work-from-home trend isn’t going […]