Erika Ward’s Brilliant Kitchen Organization Tips

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Maintaining an organized home just makes life easier. When everything is in its place, you can move through your day with ease. Who wouldn’t want that? That’s why we’re taking you inside some of the most organized — and stylish — spaces crafted by some of our favorite design influencers and tastemakers. Get ready to take inspiration from the Organization Chronicles.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and when you’re a mom of five, this is even more true. Consider the case of Atlanta-based interior designer Erika Ward, who admits it was imperative for her recent kitchen renovation to be conducive to her active lifestyle, especially now that she and her husband are working more from home.

Ward craved a comfortable yet stylish cooking space that would make it easy to prepare meals but also encourage her kids to assist with the clean-up afterwards (a.k.a. every parent’s dream).

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5 Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips to Get That Inner Glow You Are Longing For

a woman lying on a table: Pre-wedding beauty tips (File photo)

© Juhi Kumari | Lifestyle Staff
Pre-wedding beauty tips (File photo)

Are you getting married soon? If yes, congratulations! Also, we suggest you take out some time from your busy pre-wedding schedule to take care of yourself so that you can look ethereal on your special day. Soon to be brides generally get consumed by too many preparations happening for the wedding. From deciding the venue, the wedding date, and finalizing the guest list to deciding which lehenga to wear and how to pair it up with jewellery, they take part in everything but end up ignoring their beauty regime. This is absolutely not acceptable. Here we bring to you, 5 most important pre-wedding beauty tips that you must follow if you wish to look your best on your wedding day. CTM is The Beauty Mantra Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the key to a glowing face. adding them
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5 tips to boost your finances while protecting the environment

There are small changes we can all make to reduce our impact on the environment. Being green can be easy and fun – and it will almost certainly save you money.

Below are a few tips to give you inspiration.

Go shopping

For eco-friendly products which help save you cash and the environment, look no further than the Eco Friendly Shop. This website stores everything from groceries and household objects to tea and books on green living. Get clicking and see what takes your fancy, whether it’s paper straws (£2.59 for 150) or bamboo fibre plasters (£6.99 for 25).

Another alternative is the Eco Shop UK, which sells a wider range of green and eco-friendly items, including makeup, bathroom products and gym essentials such as yoga mats.

It’s also worth doing your food shop online. One van can drive around with

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Five Expert-Approved Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Countertop

When you rely on your kitchen counter for everything from preparing dinner and sorting the mail to baking cookies and finishing up a school science project, keeping the space organized is essential to maintaining your home’s efficiency. “Waking up in the morning with a clean countertop gives you a fresh start to your day and allows you to get what you need in seconds,” says Nietra Rose of Organizing Lifestyles. “When the countertop is full it can make you feel anxious, rushed, or overwhelmed.” Luckily, keeping your countertops neat and tidy is easier than you think, especially once you heed the advice of our experts.

a room filled with furniture and a large window: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

© Provided by Martha Stewart Living
Stacy Zarin Goldberg

a room filled with furniture and a large window: Learn how to keep the surfaces in this highly-trafficked space clean.

© Provided by Martha Stewart Living
Learn how to keep the surfaces in this highly-trafficked space clean.

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Hide as much as you can.

The key to organized

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Naomi Campbell’s Anti-Aging Skincare Tips

naomi campbell

Christine Giordano x Getty

Naomi Campbell started modeling at the ripe age of 15 and went on to acquire supermodel status when she became the first Black model on the cover of French Vogue, the first Black model on the cover of American Vogue’s September issue. And yet, after all of her many accomplishments and years in the spotlight, Naomi has maintained the glowing skin she has maintained the same glowing skin she had at the peak of her modeling career.

The model turned 50 this year and lucky for us, she let Vogue into her bathroom and spilled some of her most tried and true beauty secrets—including the fact that she thinks matte, dry-looking skin ages you. Her inspiration? Her mom. “I’ve been taking care of my skin since I was a child because my mother always told me I had to moisturize,” Naomi shared in the

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Tips to Get Through Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

I worried about a lot of things with breast cancer: the actual diagnosis, getting chemo, and losing all of my hair. In fact, I was so busy and distracted reading everything I could about chemo that I hardly spent any time learning about the effects of radiation—which is maybe why I was never that nervous about radiation therapy. I wanted to write this piece because in hindsight, there are several things I wish I’d known before starting radiation. I hope this helps you in your breast cancer journey.

The Nitty Gritty of Radiation

Do you know, technically speaking, what radiation therapy is? I didn’t, until I started treatment. Radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy) uses high-energy rays to kill cancer cells. Unlike chemo, which affects your whole body, radiation affects cells only in the part of the body that is being treated—in this case, the breast or armpit area.

You might

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15 Road Trip Planning Tips You Need Before You Go

There are a lot of important documents you need for your trip. But as you’re on the road, where’s the safest place for your most important information? “The glove box is the safest place to put any documents that you may need during your travels,” John Burkhauser, an auto repair specialist and director of educational programs at Bolt On Technology, tells Reader’s Digest. “Why? Well, it’s the most obvious place and the first place that anyone will look if need be. Yes, it will also be the first place that any thief may look, so being careful of what you place in there is also important.”

What not to keep in your glove box: Burkhauser recommends keeping your vehicle’s title in your home in a safe. Credit cards, checks, receipts, or any personal information should also not be in your glove box. If you keep your license out of

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Home cook on TikTok shares simple pasta recipe and helpful kitchen tips

As more and more home cooks continue to crave food content online, more eyes are turning to TikTok for a taste of something new.

Mike Spurlock, who shares videos of twists on classic dishes on TikTok as @spurweezy, joined “Good Morning Ameria” to dish simple tips and a homemade pasta recipe.

PHOTO: TikTok creator Mike Spurlock, aka Spurweezy Eats, joined ‘GMA’ to make his homemade pasta. (ABC News)

The home cook first started recording his culinary prep in the kitchen while he was in a long distance relationship, but since then the videos have taken on a twist of their own, translating into a huge following on the video sharing platform.


Alfredo from scratch with Garlic Herb Salt to season the chicken, recipe on IG Stay Safe everyone!

How to make healthy Mediterranean spiced grilled chicken and zucchini

Check out Spurlock’s recipe and tips below!

Simple pasta and

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle received decor tips from Sir Elton John’s ‘extravagant’ designer

He is the king of Hollywood interior decor, so British-born Martyn Lawrence Bullard was the obvious person for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to consult about redecorating their new Californian home.

The 53-year-old, originally from Bromley in Kent, was introduced to the couple by his long-term client and friend Sir Elton John, whose LA apartment he decorated in a 1970s Boogie Nights-inspired theme.

A friend told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Elton put Harry and Meg in touch with Martyn after they moved to LA. They had a meeting and got on really well. Martyn was really helpful on where they should be house-hunting and what kind of properties.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard, pictured, was introduced to Harry and Meghan by his long-term client and friend Sir Elton John, whose LA apartment he decorated in a 1970s Boogie Nights-inspired theme

‘Some of his interiors are outrageous and over the top, but

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stylish spaces, top design tips and easy looks to copy

a chair sitting in front of a window: null

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We’ve pulled together our favourite hallway ideas to help you make the most of what can often be a neglected space. Despite the fact that the hallway tends to get the most traffic in the home and is often the first space that you, and your guests, see on arrival, they tend to be towards the bottom of many of our decorating to-do lists.

But not for much longer, because our stylish hallway ideas will have you eager to get on with updating the space as soon as possible. From gorgeous but speedy fixes to whole room revamps, keep scrolling to be inspired…

1. Choose neutral tones to make your hallway seem larger and lighter

Creating the illusion of a bright, airy space is best achieved by opting for a neutral colour scheme, especially if you are designing a small hallway.

Maximise natural light

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