Summer is nearing its end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in one or two more relaxing weekend getaways before winter sets in. The past several months have demonstrated ways by which the travel industry has changed, possibly irreversibly, but not all change is adverse change. We have been […]

The Kitchoo packs it all into one unit only four feet wide, perfect for your quarantine suite. One thing that I have never understood about the tiny house movement is the devotion to not-so-tiny kitchens. Melissa Breyer recently described the situation with an example: Four burners, an oven, a large […]

Smart storage ideas for your tiny bathroom No matter how big your apartment is, the bathroom is still small. We don’t know who designs bathrooms for apartments, but they never feel big enough to function inside of. If you want a place to keep cleaning supplies, toilet paper, towels, and […]