© Provided by The Independent Being caught off guard by a well-deployed twist is an unrivalled cinematic joy. Over the years, writers and directors have imagined up fresh ways of keeping film audiences on their toes. Some remain astonishingly bold by today’s standards, while others have had the gleam worn […]

An out-of-this-world bubble house in Brisbane’s west has hit the market for the first time – and it even has a unique link to NASA. In what may well be one of the weirdest homes you’ll ever find in Australia, its architect owner Graham Birchall took almost a decade to […]

The cast of Home Improvement. (Photo: Kim Butler/ABC) The nostalgia beast is a ravenous one, and with each passing day, it chews our pop-culture memories into an increasingly formless web-slurry. With the 1990s digesting within its belly at an incredible rate—accelerated by the Snapchat-length attention spans of former ’90s kids, […]

At some point, everybody finds themselves wondering, “What is my design style?” Pinterest can sometimes be like putting your face in front of a fire hydrant gushing with design styles. TMI, and not very helpful! Online style quizzes can help you navigate your style and figure out why you like certain Pinterest pins. Since online e-design has come […]