7 stunning decor items under Rs 1,500 for a stylish home upgrade | Most Searched Products

When it comes to decorative pieces for a home, the list is endless. From mirrors, lighting, photo frames to showpieces, there is something for everyone. For a quick refreshment and upgrade, you can also swap conventional and overused items like lamps and lighting with decorative ones for an instant change. If you are looking for some inspiration for decorating your home, our handpicked pieces will surely impress you. Check them out below:

This handwoven rug will instantly upgrade your living space and make it look much more inviting.

Enhance the brightness and airiness of your studio apartment with this frameless mirror. A mirror creates a sense of space in rooms and also reflects light. This mirror is available for
Rs 1,299 only.

Bring home a rustic, nostalgic vibe with these tungsten lamps that emit a warm glow.

Wooden wall clock

Wall clocks have become a rare sight these days with most of us

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7 ways to add stylish storage to your space

The best bathroom shelving ideas add both style and function to your space Whether you’re working with a tiny powder room or an expansive master bath, shelving is a great way to add storage, corral beauty products, and display décor. Sure, a plain old shelf above the toilet is a great start, but we’re loving these ultra-stylish, yet still oh-so-handy, bathroom shelf ideas. Time to get organized.

Looking for more bathroom ideas? Check out our dedicated page for more tips and inspiration. 

1. Utilize vertical space

For even the tiniest bathrooms, hang high shelving for a smart storage solution. Since it may be out of everyday reach, we love how this design uses the extra wall space to display décor (how cool is the antique train sign?), plants, and extra toiletries. Even a few rolled up towels add to the spa-atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Little Savage Life’s Vikki puts more accessible items

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Jennifer Lopez shares video inside stylish kitchen at home in the Hamptons

Hannah Hargrave

Jennifer Lopez opened the doors to her luxury Hamptons home and gave fans a sneak peek at her stunning kitchen, while also treating them front-row seats to one of her impromptu dance shows too.

The singer’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, posted a video of his bride-to-be cooking up a storm in their spacious, all-white kitchen where Jennifer showed she’s a dab hand at multitasking as she danced and prepped dinner.

With Latin music playing in the background, Jennifer – who was dressed casually in sweats and a cropped T-shirt – moved her hips and spun around, giving a glimpse of the beautiful cooking space behind her. 

MORE: Beyonce and Jay Z’s

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How The Eastbury Hotel’s New Outpost Offers A Stylish Homestay

The market town of Sherborne, in north-west Dorset, has perhaps one of the most characterful main streets in England. Framed by the verdant Dorset countryside, as a distant backdrop, it is dotted with quirky antique shops, hip delis and traditional inns – and it seems so perfectly curated it’s as if it’s been taken from a Richard Curtis movie set. 

Completing Sherborne’s sense of rural idyll are two historic heavyweights which dominate the town’s landscape: the honey-gold Sherborne Abbey, renowned for its rich choral heritage and famous bell ringers, and Sherborne Castle, a 16th century Tudor mansion built by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1594, complete with swoon-some gardens designed by Capability Brown. While Dorset may be most famous for its stunning Jurassic Coastline, (with Durdle Door – a 200ft limestone arch perched over azure seas –

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stylish spaces, top design tips and easy looks to copy

a chair sitting in front of a window: null

© Provided by Real Homes

We’ve pulled together our favourite hallway ideas to help you make the most of what can often be a neglected space. Despite the fact that the hallway tends to get the most traffic in the home and is often the first space that you, and your guests, see on arrival, they tend to be towards the bottom of many of our decorating to-do lists.

But not for much longer, because our stylish hallway ideas will have you eager to get on with updating the space as soon as possible. From gorgeous but speedy fixes to whole room revamps, keep scrolling to be inspired…

1. Choose neutral tones to make your hallway seem larger and lighter

Creating the illusion of a bright, airy space is best achieved by opting for a neutral colour scheme, especially if you are designing a small hallway.

Maximise natural light

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Mum reveals how she keeps her home impeccably tidy with $7 trays, stylish labels and $5 storage rack

Carefully arranged linen closets, neatly presented pantries and labelled storage containers in every room are the keys to an impeccably tidy home, according to one Australian mother.

The woman offered a glimpse inside her immaculately organised house in photos posted in a interior design group on Facebook, where she thanked members for sharing tips that have helped her to style her newly built home.

‘I know how to do the [Marie] Kondo fold and pretty much if Kmart doesn’t have what you’re looking for, then IKEA will,’ she wrote in the caption.

Her photos have gone viral since they were posted Wednesday night, racking up thousands of likes and hundreds of comments with one woman declaring: ‘That’s it, I’m moving in with you!’ 

Scroll down for video

She offered a glimpse inside her immaculately tidy house in photos posted in a Facebook group

Carefully arranged linen closets (left) and labelled storage containers (right) in every room are the keys to an impeccably tidy home, according to

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Organize your TV unit with stylish set-top box stands | Most Searched Products

For a wall-mounted TV, a compact shelf that can hold the set-top box and other paraphernalia are important. If your TV is installed in the bedroom, a wall-mounted stand will help you create a space for accessories without creating any clutter. As cabinets and tables can look bulky, compact wall shelves are a much much better option for homes, especially for space-crunched ones. A few shelves or racks are also designed with a slotted base or sides that provide easy installation of wired items. Multi-level racks can provide a space for speakers and decor accessories, which will make your TV area look eye-pleasing and neatly organized. To choose the best set-top box stand for your TV, consider the following options:

Created in a standard design, this black coloured wall mounted shelf would be a sleek addition to your TV unit. This set-top box measures 25.5 cm in length, 19 cm

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An interior decor YouTuber has 3 top tips for transforming your rental apartment into a stylish home on a budget

a woman standing in a room: Alexandra Gater is an interiors YouTuber. Lauren Kolyn.

© Lauren Kolyn.
Alexandra Gater is an interiors YouTuber. Lauren Kolyn.

  • Alexandra Gater is a Toronto-based interiors YouTuber with 317,000 followers who specializes in making over small properties in renter-friendly ways, on a budget.
  • She told Insider her three top tips for transforming a rental apartment without spending a fortune.
  • There are lots of ways you can add your own style to an apartment without making permanent changes, like replacing the light fixtures.
  • It’s also important to live in a space for a while first before rushing into any changes.
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Rental homes. They’re often small, a bit worse for wear, and full of cheap identikit furniture.

Even if your landlord gives you permission to make some home improvements, most renters don’t want to invest in big renovations because, well, they may very well be leaving before too long.

So it can be hard to

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9 super stylish HDB designs that look and feel like condo, Lifestyle News

While there is no universal standard, we definitely have a certain idea how a condo should look like. Stylish and modern. A touch of class and luxury maybe.

Comfortable, definitely. For us folks living in an HDB flat, channeling that condo vibe isn’t difficult or impossible.

Sure, there are lots of standard fixtures in an HDB flat that you can’t get rid of. But with the right colour scheme, the right material play and proper layout planning, you might just get a flat that looks and feels like private property.

Want to know how? Bookmark these homes that went above and beyond what an ordinary HDB flat can do.

1. Making the most of awkward corners


Using a consistent colour palette of white, grey and blue throughout this resale flat helps to conceal the awkward corners existing in the layout. These include the curved balcony area in the living room

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12 Kitchen Curtain Ideas – Stylish Kitchen Window Treatments

kitchen with blue paint, tiles, and curtains

Karyn R Millet

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: If windows are the eye to a home, then window treatments are the eyebrows (i.e. the unsung heroes of design, framing the entire space, controlling light filtration, and enhancing privacy). And while curtains and shades may not be the first things that come to mind when decorating a kitchen, they’re serious game-changes. So to put the spotlight on this oft-overlooked step, we curated twelve kitchen curtain ideas below. Keep reading for well lit and stylish kitchen curtain inspiration.

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Semi-Sheer Shades

In a monochromatic kitchen, opt for grayscale Roman shades, like Jeff Andrews did here (these are better above a countertop workspace, where full-length or tie-back curtains are a recipe for disaster maintenance-wise). The black trim sharpens up the entire space.

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Floor Length Sheers

In an open floor plan

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