In Miranda July’s, Kajillionaire, her first film in nine years, the masses embody an ethic of tenderness. The film’s protagonist, Old Dolio Dyne, played with both care and spontaneity by Evan Rachel Wood—a strange, antisocial, and emotionally-neglected only child in a family of very broke petty scammers—has a hard time […]

Alexes Griffin helps unite the Migraine Healthline community while offering friendship, hope, and support. As a child, Alexes Griffin recalls telling her mom she felt “mesmerized” when her head hurt. “I was in 1st or 2nd grade and it’d feel like I was staring at the sun. I didn’t have […]

Write your own Interior Story! Embody your dream designs and play a breathtaking match 3 game! Open a new decor page and create your own style with “Interior Story – decorate your own dream house”! Enter the world where dreams about an ideal home come true! You will turn into […]