Entertaining is happening on a smaller scale these days, but having a bathroom you’d happily invite a guest into on short notice is a problem that will never go away, especially as the holidays draw near. This is one of those cases where a little foresight goes a long way. […]

© Provided by The Columbus Dispatch Co-curators Deidre Hamlar, left, and Carole Genshaft in the kitchen of the renovated home of artist Aminah Robinson. The home will host an artist in residence in the future. [Eric Albrecht/Dispatch] Sunlight from three walls worth of windows illuminated the hardwood floors. Two books […]

Regardless of your bathroom’s size, you’d probably love to have an even bigger bathroom without paying for costly remodeling. Here to help you do that are these 42 brilliant bathroom storage hacks and solutions. Try them out, and watch your bathroom transform into a spacious spa where everything is neatly organized and […]