‘I have a home now’: Victory Apartments adds 60 new units for low-income veterans in Omaha | Local News

Byron Farrington loves to wear his black Stetson hat and cowboy boots. Now, for the first time in a long while, he’s got

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Baby Archie update: Prince Harry’s big plans for Archie’s future | Royal | News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became parents for the first time on May 6, 2019, when they welcomed little Archie Harrison. But since the couple left the Royal Family earlier this year, updates on their son have been scarce.

However, the Duke of Sussex gave insight to his plans for Archie.

Young Archie, who is 16-months-old, currently lives in Santa Barbara in the US with his parents.

The family-of-three is happily settling into life in their new home.

In a video call with the Evening Standard to help kick off Black History Month in Britain, Meghan said: “We are doing well. [Archie] is so good.

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The area offers stunning stretches of coastline, nearby hills and plenty of hiking trails and nature walks.

A source previously told PEOPLE Archie has “space to run free” in the area.


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Jose Mourinho’s toilet talk saves Dier situation: Neil Humphreys, Latest Football News

Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho surpassed himself yesterday morning as his defender passed something else entirely.

Mourinho helped another man go.

He delivered the world’s first motivational sports speech inside a toilet.

Remember Al Pacino’s turn as a bombastic NFL coach in Any Given Sunday or Sylvester Stallone’s “sunshine and rainbows” ode to his son in Rocky Balboa?

Neither of those classic speeches was performed to a toilet door.

But Mourinho did just that. He did his best work in the bog.

With Spurs 1-0 down in their League Cup tie against Chelsea yesterday morning (Singapore time), he evacuated the pitch as Eric Dier threatened to evacuate himself.

As the centre-back clutched his nether regions and waddled off like a penguin, Dier must have thought – not for the first time – that he really does have the worst surname in such circumstances.

Clearly, Dier had hoped to leave the

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Blue plaque to be unveiled for woman who was Churchill’s ‘favourite spy’ | World news

She was a Polish countess and Churchill’s favourite spy whose many dazzling accomplishments included smuggling microfilm across Europe which proved Hitler’s plans to invade the Soviet Union.

But while she devotedly served the British government Christine Granville was also horribly let down by it, struggling to get full citizenship after the war and forced to work as a bathroom attendant on cruise ships.

On Wednesday Granville, born Krystyna Skarbek, will finally get recognition many people believe is long overdue when a blue plaque is unveiled on the Kensington hotel which, when it was run by the Polish Relief Society, provided her with a bed until her death in 1952.

“I am so thrilled,” said Granville’s biographer Clare Mulley of the unveiling. “I proposed the plaque with English Heritage about six years ago and there were all sorts of other issues and hurdles. So yes … it is absolutely wonderful that

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Vintage Fire Museum launches fundraising campaign for education center, memorial garden | News

JEFFERSONVILLE — On the heels of a year that saw the Vintage Fire Museum set an attendance record and welcome visitors from 39 states, a new project is on the horizon for the Jeffersonville organization.

The nonprofit recently purchased a former auto dealership building across from the museum on Spring Street. A capital fundraising campaign has been launched with the goal of developing the property into a fire safety education center and a memorial garden honoring firefighters from the region who died in the line of duty.

The goal is to raise $600,000, and Curtis Peters, chair of the museum’s board of directors, said that about $225,000 has already been donated to the cause.

“We’ve found a nice home here in Jeffersonville. People have been very supportive and welcoming,” Peters said Friday. “And we also have a lot of support from New Albany and Floyd County and the entire metro

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Former Shepherd Hill teammates Chris Lindstrom, Sean McKeon meet on NFL gridiron – News – telegram.com

With NFL Sunday Ticket on DIRECTV, Chris and Dawn Lindstrom can watch every Atlanta Falcons game in their Dudley home, keeping, of course, a close eye on their son Chris, who is the Falcons’ starting right guard.

In fact, Chris Sr., who coached Chris Jr. at Shepherd Hill Regional, doesn’t really pay much attention to anything else besides his son’s stance and splits and blocking.

“All I do is focus on Christopher,” Chris Sr. said this week.

When the Falcons are on defense, Chris Sr. gets up to stretch his legs, grab a snack or use the bathroom, but that may not be possible this week.

The Falcons are at Dallas, and rookie tight end Sean McKeon, who also starred at Shepherd Hill and played alongside Chris Jr., is expected to make his NFL debut for the Cowboys.

“I’ll get no break now,” Chris Sr., who coached Shepherd Hill for

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110th anniversary of Historic Park Inn is commemorated | Latest News

Pat Schultz - HPI 110 years

Pat Schultz, author of “Amazing Women of Early Mason City,” signs copies of her book outside the Historic Park Inn at a gathering marking the building’s 110th anniversary.

Lisa Grouette

A small gathering was held on Federal Plaza in Mason City on Thursday, marking the 110th anniversary of the Historic Park Inn, the only remaining Frank Lloyd Wright hotel in the world.

The historic North Iowa landmark has seen a number of iterations along the way, originally housing a hotel and bank, and later served as office space and harbored a storefront to Moorman’s Clothiers, which has since relocated to the building directly across the plaza.

HPI 110 years

The ballroom entrance of the Historic Park Inn, which was built 110 years ago.

Lisa Grouette

After a

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Oklawaha Village residents concerned about nearby apartment complex – News – Hendersonville Times-News

Residents of Hendersonville’s Oklawaha Village have expressed concerns about the apartment units going up near their single-family homes.

Phyllis Bailey brought a petition with approximately 20 homeowner signatures to the Hendersonville City Council last week regarding the 78 multi-unit apartments. The single family homes as well as the apartments are affordable housing developments through the Housing Assistance Corporation.

“During the construction process, our neighborhood has been transformed into a noisy, congested, unsafe and unsanitary condition with an influx of large trucks and construction equipment using our subdivision road which conditions pose a danger to health, welfare and financial status of our residents and their children,” the petition states.

Neighbors say they are worried about motorists speeding on their roads and other safety issues.

In the petition, they state requests addressing an alternative right-of-way for construction and multi-unit traffic; a noise and site buffer; water runoff control; accumulation of trash; improvements

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Final counts are in for Interior primary races and some may require a recount | Local News

The Alaska Division of Elections has yet to certify final primary election results, but division workers completed counting ballots for Interior races Friday afternoon. 

Division spokeswoman Tiffany Montemayor confirmed that all in-person, absentee and questioned ballots have been counted for the following districts:


Senate District B

Conservative newcomer Robert Myers holds a lead of 16 votes over Republican incumbent Sen. John Coghill in this Republican primary race. 

With this small of a margin, this race will likely result in a recount and is well within the margin for the state to pay for the recount. However, a recount will need to be requested by one of the candidates. 

A recount is only automatically conducted if a race is tied. No candidate can request a recount until election results are certified by the state elections board, a process that will likely happen early next week, according to Montemayor.

Whoever is named

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John Cleese on how fourth wife ‘frightened the s*** out of me’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

“There is something almost humiliating in filming for a man of my age,” he admits. “You never know when you’ll finish, and you never know what’s going on. It’s like being back at school. Fortunately these are particularly nice people so I don’t mind.” In fairness, aged 80 and one of the world’s most famous performers, as well as being one of four surviving members of the legendary Monty Python team, Cleese has spent more than his share of time kicking around on film sets between takes.

Reminded of the infamously arduous 1975 Python classic The Holy Grail, filmed on location in the wilds of Scotland when he was a mere 35-year-old, he laughs: “We were young, we deserved to suffer. I think we made that film for about £200,000 – that’s not a lot.When the first assistant director shouted ‘Wrap’ there was a rush to the of cars to

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