Gifts to help people love home again

As a great poet once said, are you too good for your home?

No matter how good (or otherwise) you and your home are, everyone’s probably a bit sick of being stuck inside after a 2020 of self-isolation, quarantine, general exhaustion, and existential dread. And as the weather cools down in the Northern Hemisphere, with no sign of the pandemic abating in the U.S. and UK, there’s a lot more time at home to come. But we all deserve to feel comfortable and inspired in our personal palaces, and that definitely goes for the people you’re buying gifts for these holidays. 

So here are some ideas — some a little luxe, most cheap and cheerful — that will help brighten up anyone’s space and make it feel fresher, cosier, and a nicer place to be.

Gifts to help people love home again

Heading into a socially distanced, cautious winter, you can never have enough blankets. One for

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Why We Love House Tours

A peek into Alexander Werz’s chic home.

Can’t stop bingeing Open Door? You’re not alone. The thrill of seeing an acquaintance’s apartment for the first time, scanning the spines of your Airbnb host’s book collection, watching an influencer’s closet tour—catching a glimpse of someone’s private space reveals new elements about them. Exploring why we sometimes feel the need to rifle through others’ bathroom cabinets, sociologist Jeanne Curran was quoted in an article from the Los Angeles Times saying, “A medicine cabinet contains objects, and we have a weird faith in objective reality.” In every corner, drawer, and closet of a home, there are truths to be interpreted through the objects they hold. Or, alternatively, we might project what we think it says about ourselves and how we choose to live.

“Shelter magazines” first became popularized in the late 19th century, and many began as architectural journals and eventually morphed

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An Electrifying Queer Love Story With a Side of Grift

In Miranda July’s, Kajillionaire, her first film in nine years, the masses embody an ethic of tenderness.

The film’s protagonist, Old Dolio Dyne, played with both care and spontaneity by Evan Rachel Wood—a strange, antisocial, and emotionally-neglected only child in a family of very broke petty scammers—has a hard time accepting even basic touch, but is offered affection and understanding, by strangers. “Old Dolio is an ode to a kind of deeply-butch woman that I have loved and been in love with,” July told me by phone. “I wanted her to be treated kindly; I wanted women to reach out and try to comfort her. And I knew just how she would react. I knew that she would not be able to take it. Even if she wanted it—it would be too painful.”

At one point, Old Dolio makes some cash filling in for a young pregnant woman

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Damascus Kitchen Knives: 11 Singles & Sets You’ll Love

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Commentary: Why do we love judging other people’s home renovations?

SINGAPORE: No one told me that finding the perfect house would invite more judgement than finding the perfect spouse. 

Over the last few months, I’ve ramped up my search for the former. I started following a few property accounts on Instagram, created a folder with interior design inspiration for my future home, gotten my brain acquainted with property jargon like “refinancing” and “repricing”, and, yes, begun the actual process of house-hunting. 

But this is not a commentary about the painful nitty-gritty of acquiring my bachelorette’s pad, like getting trauma-inducing bank loans or using “psf” so often that my phone stops correcting it to “pdf”. 

Neither do I know the best advice on how to pick the best property for investment, where to find the most efficient renovation firm or what floor tiles work best for the bathroom.

This is, rather, about my fascination with the unbridled judgement that

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Fall Bathroom Decor! 10 Fall & Autumn Bathroom Decorating Ideas We Love

Decorate For Fall With These Unique DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas –

Looking for inspiration and fall bathroom decorating ideas for Thanksgiving or for a fall-themed guest bathroom? I found a LOT of great pictures and beautiful ideas for Fall bathroom decorating!
Fall Bathroom Decor - Decorate for Fall and Autumn in your bathroom with these unique fall bathroom decorating ideas

Fall Bathroom Decor Ideas

Let’s take a look at some GORGEOUS fall bathroom decor ideas that we just LOVE (and you will too!) These fall-themed decorating ideas are perfect for your guest bathroom and are sure to impress your guests over the Fall and Thanksgiving holiday season!

Oranges, golds and other Fall colors are stunning, aren’t they? Plus, the leaves and the pumpkins…just love it! When it comes to decorating, the bathroom can be a forgotten room, but it isn’t difficult to get a great fun fall look in your bathroom if you know what to shop for.

For example:

I found these cute Fall bathroom items on

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Love at second glance for young couple and their D6 fixer-upper home

Finding the right home is not easy and many people spend months or even years searching and debating before signing on the dotted line. And while some people fall in love with a property at first sight, others dismiss it initially only to realise at a later date that it was, after all, the house of their dreams.

The latter is exactly what happened to Aoife McGettigan (28) and Ronan Ward (29) before they bought their property in Milltown, Dublin 6.

The front door to Aoife McGettigan and Ronan Ward’s home in Dublin 6

“We began our house hunt in the D4/D6/D14 area in January last year, but it felt very daunting as we had friends who had things fall through at the last minute,” says Ronan, a development associate. “We were trying to find somewhere which was close to both of our workplaces so we set up alerts on

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37 celebrities who have spoken about their love of running

famous runners

We runners love to find people in our gang. Whether it’s swapping training plan advice or stalking Strava stats, our running pals are some of our best. But sometimes, we find inspiration in unlikely places – the celebs we follow on Instagram to start.

We’ve already rounded up these 49 celebrities you didn’t know were marathon runners, but of course, you don’t need to run a marathon to be a runner, so we’ve found this list of celebs who have spoken about their love of putting one foot in front of another.

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Meghan Markle

Speaking to Shape years before becoming a royal, Meghan explained that she gets a lot more from running than just the fitness side of it. ‘I love running but i think you have to find a work out routine that really speaks to you beyond trying to get goals for

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Notting Hill Carnival love letter: The best of London

Notting Hill Carnival, the annual celebration of Caribbean culture, will not take place for the first time in its 54-year history this weekend, thanks to Covid-19. While the organisers are hosting a three-day-long digital equivalent that will kick off with a live countdown on the big screen at Piccadilly Circus, we look back at the physical version and explore what makes carnival so crucial this year and every year.

Notting Hill Carnival is summer’s version of Christmas Day. Loud, joyful and gloriously unruly, it is the best of London. For two days every summer, one million people from different backgrounds, cultures and ages head to Notting Hill to dance in the streets. Typically reserved Londoners shimmy and wiggle their way down the roads and pavements to reggae, samba, ska, soca, bashment, afrobeats and calypso, a cold beer in hand and the prospect of jerk chicken in their minds. In my

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Samia’s ‘Triptych’ Video Sees Her Falling In Love With A Literal Dummy

Budding songwriter Samia is gearing up for the release of her debut album, The Baby, which arrives in full Friday. So far, the singer has teased the upcoming release with a handful of powerful singles. Giving fans one last taste of the project, Samia shares a visual to “Triptych,” a final single which showcases her moving and wistful songwriting.

Directed by Fred Hechinger, the visual depicts Samia finding unexpected love with a ventriloquist dummy. The pair share intimate and at times awkward moments on Samia’s journey to self discovery, underscored by the tender ballad.

In a statement alongside the visual’s release, Samia said she was inspired to write the song after reading a book about a medieval lord:

“I wrote ‘Triptych’ sobbing in a green room in Denver. I’d just read the story of Francis Bacon and his lover/muse, George Dyer, whose chaotic lifestyle served as Bacon’s artistic inspiration.

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