Open-concept living spaces—like in this condo in the Blum building—offer different decorating challenges than formal living rooms did long ago. (Photo courtesy of Everhart Studio) The living room has historically been an over-decorated room used mainly to receive and impress visitors. This room was a status symbol for outside guests, […]

Isabelle Dimang is no stranger to change. After leaving New York in pursuit of warmer weather and a career in fashion (she’s currently a photo director for Nordstrom) seven years ago, the Arizona native settled in Los Angeles’s Hancock Park neighborhood. Her 1920s, Art Deco–style apartment boasts enough character to […]

It may not come as a surprise to learn that the vendor of 43 Temple Hall in the upmarket Mount St Anne’s development in Milltown, Dublin 6, which adjoins the grounds of Alexandra College, is an award-winning architectural photographer. Roger O’Sullivan was named Architectural Photographer of the Year by the […]