Open-concept living spaces—like in this condo in the Blum building—offer different decorating challenges than formal living rooms did long ago. (Photo courtesy of Everhart Studio) The living room has historically been an over-decorated room used mainly to receive and impress visitors. This room was a status symbol for outside guests, […]

Scary statistics and overwhelming rules aside, my quarantine road trip taught me that traveling during COVID-19 can still be safe…and a lot of fun. As someone who travels for a living, being quarantined in the house since March has been a special kind of torture. So when my hometown of […]

SECTION 1. LEGISLATIVE FINDINGS; PURPOSE. The legislature finds that: (1) in an effort to comply with the legislature’s duty under Section 1, Article VII, Texas Constitution, to provide for the general diffusion of knowledge and an efficient system of public schools, potentially harmful and distracting environments should be barred; (2) […]