© Courtesy Known for his style skills, Queer Eye’s Tan France is expanding his repertoire. Creating a serene, mood-boosting home has never been more important than in 2020 when we were all forced to stay inside for months on end during lockdown. The idea of our living spaces as havens […]

During the pandemic, many people have felt their urinary leashes grow tighter. The urinary leash—a sociological euphemism for the distance one can venture from their home before returning because they have to use the toilet—has been cut for many people by the closures and lockdowns of the pandemic. For parents […]

In pre-pandemic times, real estate listings would flaunt the usual repertoire of desirable amenities: ensuite bath in the master bedroom, gourmet kitchen with smart appliances, perhaps a full basement with a wet bar. But COVID-19 happened, throwing the very idea of normalcy and the comforts of home out the window […]

© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Bloomberg/Getty Images The biggest shake-up of planning for decades has caused fury that moves to fast-track the construction of “beautiful” homes across England will “dilute” democratic oversight, choke off affordable housing and lead to the creation of “slum” dwellings. Under the proposals, unveiled on […]