Kansas City-based freelance journalist Esther Honig held an international experiment exploring how women’s magnificence standards range from nation to nation. In her project, known as “Before and After,” she despatched a plain photograph of herself to amateur and professional freelance photo editors worldwide, asking them simply to make her stunning […]

Beyond police brutality and systemic racism, Black people, because of their hairstyles, music of choice, sexual orientation, and culture, often face discrimination, microaggressions, and prejudice in everyday life. Still, a tenacious pride abounds in the Black community. This is the story of five Memphians’ experiences as Black people in America. […]

Black Interior Designers Network Chances are, you’ve been hearing the term “ally” a lot lately. As the country—and, indeed, the world—sees a new reckoning with systemic racism in the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and more, there’s been an increased movement for non-Black individuals […]