Six house-warming hacks to help keep the heating bill down


Experts have revealed the top six house-warming hacks to help keep the heating bill down.

As the temperature drops outside, the annual question arises – when is the best time to put the central heating on? Before doing that, check the electricity plans offered by the providers near you to see which ones are more affordable for your home.

However, interior experts at have shared these tips before you fire up the radiators:

Shut the blinds and windows

Many people get complacent over the summer months and forget to shut them – go round the house and make sure that no cold air is getting in anywhere.

If the sun is shining in the daytime then make sure curtains and blinds are open to let the heat in, but ensure that you shut them in the morning and the evenings to give yourself that extra bit of warmth.

Close off unused rooms

Unused rooms can be taking in a lot of heat, as well as increasing the amount of cool breeze flowing through your house. By closing them off, you will cut out the draught and also ensure that any heat in your property isn’t escaping into that room.

Get draught excluders

A big reason why your home may not be retaining heat very well is because of draughts.

Allowing cold air to get into the home will bring the overall temperature down. If you can stop these draughts from getting in, it will make a huge difference to the temperature in your home.

Get cooking

Eating hot food will help to warm you up and the process of cooking the food will throw heat out into the kitchen and surrounding areas, meaning your home will warm up as a result.

Consider getting rugs

If your house is fully carpeted, then you needn’t worry about this option, as that will help insulate your home.

However, you can lose a considerable amount of heat through floorboards or tiles, so putting a rug over the top can make all the difference in your home’s heat retention.

Put tin foil behind your radiator

If on the occasion you do have the heating on, which you should because it is good for home’s condition, then you should put foil behind your radiators to make sure the heat is forced into the room, rather than getting lost in the wall.

What have experts said?

Laura O,Connell, interiors expert and product manager at, said: “Most households will try to put off turning the heating on for as long as possible – whether to save face or money – so these tips should help to prolong the inevitable, at least for a little while!”

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