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Cooking at home can be an artistic activity or a simple way to feed healthy, inexpensive meals to your family. Aspiring chefs and no-frills cooks alike need the right tools to get the job done, and that’s what you’ll find in this section. With kitchen supplies ranging from simple cooking utensils to advanced appliances at Every Day Low Prices, home cooks can get everything they need to make delicious meals at home. The tools and supplies in this section vary quite a bit from category to category, so it makes sense to think about what you need before browsing.

Cooking and baking

As with any activity, the right tools make it easier for novices to learn the basics of cooking and baking. The tools available in the subcategories on this page provide a wide range of functionality, including some simple products that allow you to avoid complicated meal prep to save time in the kitchen.

Cookware vs. bakeware: What’s the difference between cookware and bakeware? In general terms, cooking takes place on a stovetop, while baking takes place in an oven. Accordingly, cookware and bakeware are designed to withstand heat in different ways. The cookware options in this product category tend to include pots and pans made from a variety of material types, including cast iron and nonstick-coated metal suitable for boiling, frying and sautéing. Look into bakeware, including baking dishes and sheets, for roasting, broiling or baking.Cutlery and food prep: Everyday kitchen activities, such as chopping onions and slicing roast meat, require a combination of high-quality cutlery and protective food prep surfaces, which include cutting boards. Understanding the materials and product options in each of these sections makes it easier to find the best knives and cutting boards for your needs. For example, while many novice chefs end up investing in a multi-piece knife block, a simpler set with a few basic knives may be all you need. Think about how you plan to use your knives and what foods you intend to prepare before making your final product selections.Kitchen tools and gadgets: From opening cans and peeling potatoes to flipping pancakes and scrambling eggs, the kitchen tools in this category facilitate a wide range of basic cooking activities. The tools you need should match up with the tasks you tend to perform on a regular basis as you cook or bake. Due to the wide range of products in this particular kitchen category, it may be helpful to use product category filters in order to narrow down your options for browsing.

Kitchen appliances

Appliances bring high-tech functionality into the kitchen, saving you time and effort as cooking power tools blast your meal prep tasks into high gear. Microwaves, blenders, toasters and mixers can all be useful at various steps in the meal-prep process, and in many cases, these appliances may be all you need to heat or cook the food you intend to eat for a certain meal. This is another category in which it makes sense to consider your regular eating and cooking habits before making a purchase decision. Home chefs who tend to reheat leftovers quite often may need a microwave more than those who rarely need to quickly heat and eat, and blenders are most useful for fans of smoothies and other mixed drinks.

Kitchen furniture

Most kitchens come with some basic features, including cabinetry, countertops and essential fixtures. However, not all kitchens are fully equipped with all the storage and furnishings needed to really make the area functional and comfortable. Our Kitchen Furniture product category allows homeowners and renters alike to flesh out their prepping areas, creating a useful place for well-organized cooking. Products like bar and counter stools add further convenience to your kitchen by providing breakfast bar seating, while serving carts, pantries and other storage furniture pieces allow you to enjoy overflow storage of food, appliances and tools.

Kitchen organization

Adequate furniture isn’t the only feature of a well-organized kitchen. Small organizational tools, such as baskets and racks, make a huge difference in your kitchen’s tidiness. With the supplies in these product categories, you can transform your kitchen cabinets, drawers and shelves into orderly repositories for your most important kitchen equipment. Having easy access to everything you need in the kitchen not only makes cooking easier and faster, but it also makes cleanup much simpler due to the lack of clutter.

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