See Inside Kendall Jenner’s Los Angeles Home

When it comes to their homes, the Kar-Jenners have distinct styles—whether its Kim and Kanye’s extremely minimalist home or Kylie’s colorful Hidden Hills abode. Wondering what Kendall’s dream home looks like? Now, you can see inside the supermodel’s cozy Los Angeles home, which is featured as Architectural Digest‘s September cover story.

“I like a house that has character,” Jenner tells AD. “When I walked into this place, I was immediately drawn to the peaceful Spanish-y, farmhouse-y vibe.” With designers Waldo Fernandez and Kathleen and Tommy Clements, Kendall spent a year renovating her home. A serene space where Kendall can relax, the Mediterranean-style home has a warm, minimal palette. The coziest space is the living room, which has a fireplace, two large sofas, a huge white shag rug, and a wooden beamed ceiling. Off the bar, there’s a dark-toned powder room that takes her home’s earthy style to the next level: It features a 300-pound stone sink that looks like it was carved from a cliff.

While much of Jenner’s furnishings are subdued, she has colorful contemporary artwork throughout her home. Near the home’s entrance is James Turrell ovoid wall sculpture (pictured on the AD cover below), which is animated by computer-programmed LED lights and casts a rosy glow over the foyer. Two colorful works by Barbara Kruger hang in the hallway that leads to Jenner’s bedroom and above the double-sided fireplace in the sitting area of her bedroom is a bright Tracey Emin light sculpture.

kendall jenner standing in her home's entryway with her dog

Architectural Digest

Jenner converted two bedrooms into a fitting room—dubbed the “Hannah Montana room”—and a glam room.”It’s always kind of a mess,” she says of her fitting room in the accompanying AD Open Door video. Hanging on the the walls on the powder room are framed magazine covers featuring Jenner. The rest of her family has this particular design feature, which Jenner credits sister Kim with starting a while ago. Jenner also converted her movie room into an art studio, where she can paint while watching movies.

kendall jenner's fitting room filled with clothes, shoes, and accessories

Architectural Digest

The model says her en-suite bathroom may have had the biggest makeover of all the spaces in her home. Some significant structural changes included expanding the shower to twice its size, adding in glass to make it feel more open, and raising the ceilings. But the bathroom’s standout piece is a brass tub by Catchpole & Rye. Doors from her bedroom lead to her backyard surrounded by trees. And thanks to the home’s shape, many of the other rooms also have glass doors that open to a spacious backyard, which has a pool. With lots of seating and a lawn to lay out on, there’s plenty of space outside where Jenner can hang out and unwind .

Want to see more of the cozy home? Watch the AD video below and read the full story here.

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