Safety Prioritized for Idyllwild Arts Reopening

IDYLLWILD, Calif., July 25, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ —¬†Idyllwild Arts Academy looks forward to welcoming students back this Fall, to a campus made safe by adherence to the recommendations of public-health experts. The Academy has even assembled a medical advisory board to supplement the recommendations of national experts with granular local knowledge.

School will resume on August 31 with distance learning. Students will return to campus on October 1, if it is safe to do so.

Returning students are eager to settle back into their “second home” and new families will find that the Academy is a place where young people make friends who share a passion for the arts and love for a beautiful, secluded 205-acre mountain campus. Fewer than 300 students will be permitted to attend.

Arts and academic instruction are delivered most effectively in studios and classrooms where students benefit from mentoring by faculty and inspiration by classmates. To accommodate in-person learning, Academy staff and faculty have devoted months to preparing for a safe campus reopening. The preparations include acquisition of FDA-approved rapid finger tests.

Students will study, practice, and perform in safe spaces. The numbers of students in classrooms will be limited and full advantage will be taken of the outdoors. In the dorms, each student will share a bathroom with only one other student. Faculty and student health will be monitored daily.

To monitor the health situation and enable students to move through the day in family pods, academic classes will be entirely online when students first return to campus. This will reduce the number of teachers on campus and assist a smooth transition for students as they adjust to in-person instruction. In addition, certain arts classes focusing on theory or research may remain online, assisting the optimization of classroom, studio, and practice time.

In-person instruction will take place in spacious rooms, performance halls, and studios to ensure physical distancing. Continued online instruction will allow for independent growth and connection with those students who may not be able to arrive until January.

The times remain challenging, but Idyllwild Arts Academy has committed significant resources to making sure that its community will remain safe and connected when school resumes.

About Idyllwild Arts Academy and Summer Program
The forested 205-acre Idyllwild Arts campus sits two hours inland from Los Angeles and an hour and one refreshing mile above Palm Springs. The campus hosts Idyllwild Arts Academy, where talented high school students from around the world specialize in their chosen arts disciplines while studying challenging college-prep academics. The Idyllwild Arts Summer Program offers immersive workshops in every arts discipline to people of all ages and skill levels. Both the Academy and the Summer Program accomplish the Idyllwild Arts mission of changing lives through the transformative power of art.


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