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Confession time. I have a new addiction. I’ve become completely addicted to organization shows. This addiction first started last year when I was introduced to Marie Kondo’s Netflix series. But it has since progressed to where I now follow organizational companies on Instagram like @OrganizeWithTracy and now the new Netflix series “Get Organized with The Home Edit.”

With all this inspiration, you’d think my house would be all sorts of organized and tidy. Well, I’m still, slowly working on it. So, naturally, I have turned to Pinterest to find some additional ideas and tips. Here are my favorites for the kitchen, bathroom and closet. For more, log on to our Ultimate Organizing board on Pinterest.


Once upon a time I had a great walk-in pantry. Sadly, my current house only has a pantry cupboard, so I’ve been forced to get creative with how I store all my foods and small appliances. I’ve been slowly investing in shelves to easily stack my canned goods, acrylic bins to store packets of oatmeal and season packets, and even lazy Susans to keep bottles of condiments at easy reach.

While those items have helped, I’ve also needed to store some of those small appliances, like my InstantPot, Cuisinart, etc., in my basement. With the addition of a nice metal shelving unit in our storage room, I’ve now got a place for all those little-used tools, excess floral vases, serving platters and more. I know have more cupboard space to better arrange all my food.


My bathroom counter is always so cluttered! With very little counter space and only a small space under the sink, I’ve decided it’s time to invest in some under-the-sink organizer, floating shelves and even acrylic organizers to better corral all my makeup and haircare products. I’m sure my husband will be overjoyed to have more counterspace to himself.

Some ideas I’ll also try include hanging handy, removable hooks on the inside of my bathroom cabinets for easy storage of my curling irons. Storage can actually be quite beautiful, too. I found a stunning piece of wall art, the Cloud Concrete toilet roll holder, that perfectly combines form and function.


Are you tired of boxes falling on your head as you try to grab a pair of boots? I know I am! I’m clearly long overdue for a closet makeover. Whether it’s a walk-in dressing room or a simple, single rod closet, there are so many organizational tips to keeping everything within easy reach and even pretty to look at.

First, think vertically. If possible, add shelving to your closet for more space. Even space above the door can be used. Coordinated baskets are a fantastic way of keeping everything in its place — your delicates, summer flip flops, hats and belts and scarves. You can also use sturdy bins and stacking shelves to better organize shoes, folded sweaters and purses, too.

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