Nancy Meyers’ kitchen looks just like the ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ set

Nancy Meyers’ kitchen is everything we hoped it would be!

Meyers, the writer and director of beloved rom-coms including “Something’s Gotta Give,” “It’s Complicated” and “Father of the Bride,” just shared a photo of her kitchen, and it looks just as cozy as the famous homes featured in her movies.

“Headquarters,” Meyers captioned the photo of her light and airy cooking space.

Not only is it gorgeous, it’s also basically identical to the kitchen in her 2003 movie “Something’s Gotta Give,” with its luxurious double islands and crisp, white cabinets.

Does this kitchen look familiar?Amazon

Fans on Instagram definitely noticed the resemblance.

“Wow! Did you use your own kitchen for ‘Something’s Gotta Give’?” one person commented on her photo.

“Reminds me of Erica’s kitchen in Something’s Gotta Give💛” another fan wrote.

Both kitchens have vases of fresh flowers and artfully arranged bowls of fruit.Amazon

Meyers’ kitchen also has similar, cozy-chic vibes to the kitchen of Meryl Streep’s character in “It’s Complicated.”

The kitchen in 2009’s “It’s Complicated” had a similar chic-yet-lived-in feel. Everett Collection

The kitchens in her beloved films have become famous in their own right, and fans couldn’t get over how much the director’s real-life kitchen looks like, well, a Nancy Meyers kitchen.

“Exactly what I dreamed/hoped your kitchen would look like,” one fan wrote.

“That’s the most Nancy Meyers kitchen ever,” another commented.

Diane Keaton’s kitchen in “Something’s Gotta Give” is the quintessential Nancy Meyers kitchen. Amazon

It’s true: This seems like a kitchen where Diane Keaton may stroll in at any moment, wearing soft neutrals and offering you a glass of wine. It’s a kitchen where you bake cookies while Frank Sinatra plays softly in the background. (And, in fact, Meyers shared a photo of some gooey chocolate-chip cookies she recently baked, presumably in this kitchen, and it feels right.)

Meyers’ kitchen drew praise from celebrities including Lindsay Lohan, who starred in Meyers’ 1998 comedy “Parent Trap.”

“💕 kitchen memories!” Lohan commented on Meyers’ photo.

Even the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten, weighed in.

“Love your headquarters!! ❤️❤️❤️” she wrote in the comments.

The question is, did Nancy Meyers draw inspiration from her famous movie kitchens when designing her own, or was it the other way around? Either way, her kitchen is picture-perfect!

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