Mom Carefully Designs A Disney-Themed Home Where Every Room Is A Different Classic Film

There’s loving Disney, and then there’s living Disney. Kelsey Hermanson definitely falls into the latter category.

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Kelsey is a mom of two with a serious passion for Disney. She has carefully crafted an entirely Disney-themed home. Every room of her Seattle home is based on a different Disney classic. She’s got a The Little Mermaid bathroom, for example. She’s also got a Wreck-It Ralph theme in her daughter’s bedroom, and a Beauty and the Beast theme in her dining room. The most breathtaking of the rooms might be her master bedroom, based on 


The Southern California native grew up visiting Disneyland all the time. She loved the transformative experience of visiting the different areas of the park. She then decided to bring some of that magic into her own home and executed it flawlessly. Kelsey even switches things up to incorporate seasonal films like Coco and The Nightmare Before Christmas, which she’s getting ready to do soon.

A Seattle mom took her love of Disneyland visits from her childhood and turned her adult home into a masterpiece. Kelsey Hermanson is a mom of two who has carefully designed her home to be totally Disney-themed. Each room is based on a Disney classic.

“I grew up in Southern California and we would go to Disneyland all the time and I just love when you go there, you walk through those gates and you’re in a different world. You’re not in reality, you’re somewhere else. And I wanted that in our home,” Kelsey told Good Morning America.

“I wanted to be able to go into different rooms and feel a little bit of that Disney magic in every room.”

A few years ago, Kelsey was missing Disney. She and her family were living in Oahu, Hawaii, a far way from Disneyland. She dealt with missing her frequent visits to the theme park by decorating her home with Disney things.

When the family moved to Seattle three years ago, it gave her a chance to perfect her vision. She started with an Alice in Wonderland themed bathroom. She wanted guests to feel like they were headed down the rabbit hole.

Kelsey heads to thrift stores or online sellers to find unique pieces to complete her themes. She found a bed from the 1800s, imported from Paris. When she saw it, she knew it was a perfect fit for the Cinderella-themed master bedroom. She painted it blue and added some gold accents.

It worked out just like Kelsey imagined it would.

“I just wanted it to feel dreamy. I wanted it to feel like just a complete departure from the rest of our house and really romantic and beautiful,” she said.

Kelsey’s favorite room is what her family calls the “Aloha Disney Room.” The family room combines inspiration from Moana and Lilo and Stitch to give off relaxing island vibes. There’s a big comfy blue couch, seashell accents, and tons of awesome pieces of Disney memorabilia.

She’s also got an Aladdin master bathroom that feels like a wonderful immersion into an Arabian nightscape. It’s illuminated by gorgeous lanterns. She event found a magic lantern faucet to tie it all together.

“A lot of the things I just find and repurpose,” she said of the faucet.

“I do buy things at the Disney Store occasionally, but I really just like to repurpose things into my design,” she added.

“The true story is everything that I’ve done is on a budget. Most things that I do, I’ve either made myself or are just very inexpensive and I think the design overall has a very expensive look.”

Of course, Kelsey also loves to play with seasonal elements around the holidays. Right now, she’s getting ready to add Coco and The Nightmare Before Christmas elements to the home. She’s also shared photos of past holiday seasons that are simply stuning.

“We enjoy, in our house, living in our own version of Disneyland. My children love it,” she said.

“I love this magical house and I designed it for us to live in.”

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