Lush unveils its Mary Poppins inspired advent calendar for 2020

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There are two types of people in the world, those who can happily pamper themselves all day long and those who feel guilty spending money on anything for themselves.

Whichever category you fall into, we have exciting beauty news although it’s probably even better if you’re on the hunt for something for someone who never treats themselves.

Lush, the makers of all things sweet-smelling and self-indulgent has just unveiled it’s 2020 advent calendar. The beauty brand caused a stir last year when it jumped on the advent calendar bandwagon for the first time but might just have outdone itself with this year’s offering.

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The calendar has twenty-four individual compartments, each crammed with bestselling products. This year, however, you will also receive three bonus goodies as well.

Lush has also put plenty of thought into the design and roped in London-based designer Sally Kelly to put her special stamp on it. Kelly took her inspiration from a famous Disney character for the look and feel of the calendar and the end result is a vintage-inspired trunk in psychedelic hues which you can keep as a storage box.

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Lush Advent Calendar. Pic: Lush

Commenting on the thinking behind the design she explained: ‘The packaging design has taken inspiration from a vintage luggage trunk, aiming to conjure the same magic as Mary Poppins carpet bag. The layers inside the box, which reveal the 24-day countdown, can be taken out for storing your Lush products or anything else you’d like.’

Which takes us nicely onto the all-important details, what’s in the box! Every Lush devotee has a particular line they love but this calendar ticks all the boxes so there’s no need to choose.

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Lush. Pic: Shutterstock

The list of beauty products includes the Coconut Snow Body lotion, Orange Shower Scrub, Candy Cane Bubble Bar, the Sleepy Shower Cream and not forgetting the all-important selection of bath bombs.

The Lush Advent Calendar is available to pre-order online now.

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