Jeezy’s “Grooming Gods” Routine: Get Lineup of Products The Atlanta Rap Legend’s Swears By

When Jeezy approaches his bathroom mirror every morning, he stares at his reflection and checks himself. “I make sure I can look myself in the eyes, because that means I kept my integrity,” he says. “Integrity is real, and it’s free—it doesn’t cost you a thing but being solid.” He also takes care of a little daily affirmation: “You’re sexy and you know it. You really are.”

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work to look this good. Like all Grooming Gods, Jeezy has honed his routine, and the Atlanta rap legend has done his best to maintain it while social distancing. (He’s also apparently saving a ton of money on haircuts.) 

Jeezy’s whole career has been about inspiring people to dig a little deeper and grind a little harder. And let’s be clear: That goes for your grooming routine, too: “If you’re not grooming? If the people around you are not making you groom? You’re around the wrong people,” he says. 

If you’re ready to level up your morning routine, here’s everything you need for the Jeezy quarantine grooming glow-up.

First, Jeezy washes his face with Dudu-Osun Black Soap. 

“It dries your skin to a certain point where all the oil comes out,” he says. “I used to have oily skin.”

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Tropical Naturals black soap (6 pack)

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Next, it’s shave-and-trim time.

If like, Jeezy, you rock a totally-smooth dome, he recommends applying a generous serving of shaving cream to the top—you know what to do from there with your razor. (He uses a Gillette.) He also shaves any straggler hairs above his beard. Once that’s done, he pulls out his “secret weapon,” a Wahl shaver that his barber put him onto, to go back over all the spots he just hit. Then he finishes by making sure everything is lined up with a cordless trimmer.

product image
product image

Philips Norelco all-in-one trimmer

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After that, it’s the moisturizing phase. 

Jeezy likes a little witch hazel to help prevent bumps and other “goofy stuff.”

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T.N. Dickinson’s witch hazel

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He’s a fan of rosewater too, which he applies after the witch hazel to hydrate his skin and keep a fresh feeling throughout the day. He’s apparently not the only one who likes it: “Fellas, thank me later. She gonna love you for it,” he promises. 

Then comes a modest application of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. “It’s the OG,” he says. “If you don’t know nothing about this, you don’t know nothing about life,”  

The finishing touch? Three spritzes of cologne. 

 Jeezy aims a flashy bottle of Clive Christian at his chest and neck, then he’s ready to go. 

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