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Darius in studio

Darius LeBeaux

Bachelor of Interior Design

Darius LeBeaux didn’t come to LSU intending to study interior design. “I was a biology major first, and I found myself unhappy,” he shared.

When he was young, Darius was interested in interior design without necessarily realizing it: he would re-arrange the furniture in his room every season, and when he arrived to new spaces he liked to run through to explore them, curious about the new interiors.

“I wanted to be able to use my creativity, and I was curious about interior design, so I decided to switch.”

That curiosity grew into passion. “What interests me the most about interior design is the design process: coming up with a concept, space planning, and construction documents – because every project has its own challenges. Those challenges make you think and learn something new every time.”

As a designer Darius aspires to create spaces “where people can experience the story that is being told in the interior. I want to create a space that engages people, that is relatable and connects people to the client’s goal(s).”

He is also interested in how design can be used to benefit the community: “Interior design choices can ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public,” he noted.

The School of Interior Design is a close-knit community in itself, he said. “I’ve made so many memories with my classmates,” he said. “From the little things, like staying up all night in the studio to finish a project with them, or walking to get lunch at the student union, to going on class trips. In ways, they can become like family.”

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