‘Inspirational’ Harmonie-Rose Allen made junior ambassador for meningitis charity

An “inspirational” girl from Bath who lost all four limbs to meningitis when she was less than a year old has been made the first-ever Junior Ambassador of a charity helping fight the disease.

Harmonie-Rose Allen has inspired people around Bath for several years, and came to the attention of the national public following an emotional appearance on Good Morning Britain in December 2019, which left host Piers Morgan calling her his “number one favourite guest” he has had on the show.

She contracted meningitis in 2014, when she was just 11 months old, and it ultimately cost her all four limbs.

However, she has since embarked on a remarkable journey which saw her take her first steps in 2017 when she received prosthetic legs.

Meningitis Now founder Steve Dayman, who visited Harmonie in hospital when he was made aware of her diagnosis, said: “The resilience of the family shone through even at the early stage of their experience.

“And within what seems like no time at all, the family was helping the charity in one of its biggest battles – the fight to secure the introduction of the vaccine for MenB, the strain that ironically almost took Harmonie’s life.”

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One of Harmonie’s challenges was to draw 26 rainbows like this one

Harmonie has embarked on a number of fundraising efforts for various charities, including a 2.6 Challenge that saw her undertake six challenges based around things it was believed she would never be able to do.

The challenges included cartwheeling, jumping, swimming, and singing and saw her ultimately raise £74,333.

She has now been further recognised for her efforts by being given the first ever Junior Ambassador position for Meningitis Now, with the charity’s CEO Tom Nutt saying it was “fitting and appropriate” to reward her “incredible” efforts.

He said said: “The charity wanted to find a way to recognise the contribution that Harmonie and her family – mum and dad Freya and Ross and aunties Jessica and Hannah – have made to fighting meningitis in the UK and in their efforts to raise much needed funds for a range of charities. This award seems both fitting and appropriate.

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“There are many other things that Harmonie, Freya, Ross, and Hannah have done for a range of charities and always with a willingness and sense of fun that belies the incredible challenges that they face.

“It is always humbling to be part of their efforts to help protect others from meningitis, and in many ways making Harmonie our first Junior Ambassador is the least we can do.

“Steve Dayman talks about the family’s resilience shining through when he first met them in 2014 – little did he or the family know how truly inspirational this little girl would turn out to be.”

This is not the first accolade Harmonie has received for her incredible efforts.

She was invited to open the 2020 Bath Half Marathon earlier this year in recognition of her achievements, after participating in the 2019 race with the help of a special running chair and a team of family and friends helping out.

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