How big a kitchen do you need in a tiny house?

The Kitchoo packs it all into one unit only four feet wide, perfect for your quarantine suite.

One thing that I have never understood about the tiny house movement is the devotion to not-so-tiny kitchens. Melissa Breyer recently described the situation with an example:

Four burners, an oven, a large sink, and roomy refrigerator would make this a great kitchen for a family who likes to cook. Some people think that tiny homes should come with tiny appliances, but if a homeowner places a lot of value in the kitchen and they are cooking for a family of four, it makes perfect sense (to this food enthusiast, at least) to prioritize space for a really workable kitchen.

Kitchoo folded up© Kitchoo

That’s one extreme. At the other, we have the Kitchoo, designed and engineered by Peter Locher in Switzerland. “The story begins in Paris in a small studio of 20 m2 [215 SF] in the district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. In search of a tiny, mini kitchen for his studio, Peter was simply frustrated by the lack of originality and functionality of the sort of kitchenettes available on the market.” 215 SF is smaller than a lot of tiny homes.

Kitchoo with everything © Kitchoo with everything

The Kitchoo is a high-quality unit that has everything you need, including a two-burner induction cooktop, a sink, a fridge with freezer, and an optional dishwasher. The taller K9 design adds a microwave and an exhaust hood. All in a package just over 4 feet wide.

Kitchoo 6© Kitchoo

As Melissa noted about that tiny home, “In the end, every tiny-house inhabitant is going to have different needs from their space.” Many might find a kitchen this small hard to live with and would prefer some counter space. But this might be enough for many people, perhaps in accessory units, or even what might be the next big thing in interior design: quarantine suites, where you can go and hide for two weeks with your own little bath and kitchenette.

More at Kitchoo, cheap at € 4,600 [US$ 4,980 and getting cheaper by the hour] for the K6.

Kitchoo detail© Kitchoo

The Kitchoo packs it all into one unit only four feet wide, perfect for your quarantine suite.

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