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Have fun learning how to design your space while being kind to the environment. If you are interested in creating a new color scheme, selecting new accessories for a room, or choosing new floor and window covers, this is the project for you.

  • Master the elements and principles of design to make your house a home
  • Plan home living spaces in keeping with the needs of family members
  • Develop your skill in caring for home furnishings and accessories
  • Explore opportunities for environmentally friendly choices in your home

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Uncover and compare costs to design and accessorize your space
  • Practice choosing wall treatments, window coverings, and floors
  • Discover how paint, wall treatments, flooring, and window coverings create different effects in a room
  • Plan your space using needs, wants, and timelines to make choices
  • Create design boards to visualize living spaces
  • Coordinate fabrics and patterns
  • Experiment with the arrangement of photos on a wall for different effects
  • Showcase favorite room accessories
  • Examine environmentally friendly practices: reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink

Share What You Learn with Others!


  • Share with friends how to select a color scheme for their bedroom
  • Develop a step-by-step checklist showing how to cover a headboard using padding and fabric
  • Create a video showing how to be energy efficient in homes


  • Assist an elderly person with painting their living room
  • Share with family and friends how to keep living spaces safe
  • Show local museum staff how to properly arrange, protect, and display historical items


  • Show siblings how a shared space can be divided using furniture placement
  • Teach adults proper disposal methods of refinishing materials
  • Work with a non-profit in creating a functional meeting space floor plan

Exhibit Ideas

  • Refinish a family antique chair, table, stand, or dresser
  • Illustrate how various wall coverings and flooring have different effects in livings spaces
  • Create a poster that provides examples of elements of different furniture styles
  • Develop a design board showing how an existing floor plan can be transformed to a more functional floor plan
  • Identify the pros and cons of starting an organizational business to help clients develop spaces for items they use and need

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