Hilaria Baldwin shares her post-baby body on Instagram

After welcoming her fifth child, a son, Hilaria Baldwin is sharing her post-baby body only one day after giving birth.

Hilaria, who is married to Alec Baldwin, is noticeably smaller only 24 hours after labour.

Posting the extremely candid photo to Instagram, fans were given a side-by-side of her bump while she was still heavily pregnant with newborn son, Eduardo.

In the photo, Baldwin had her hospital ID bracelet attached to her arm, taking the photo in the hospital bathroom.

While her stomach is still popped, she looks incredible and fans were loving how refreshing the post was.

“A day and a half … and a baby later,” she TV personality wrote in her caption.

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“On the way to the hospital and about to make my way home. Thank you body for all that you have done and continue to do.

“I am grateful for this journey, housing and growing my son, delivering him safely, and to feel ready for me to return to me … step by step, taking a path of patience, nurturing, and time. (I blurred out my hospital tags because I felt like I should.)

Fans applauded Baldwin for being so real.

“You are such an inspiration to so many women! I love how you thanked your body! You are so present and mindful. Enjoy your new son!”

“Great job Mama!!” another added.

It comes after Katy Perry shared a similar, extremely raw and honest photo of her body post-birth to her daughter Daisy Bloom.

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Taking to her Instagram stories on the day of the MTV VMAs, the singer posted a photo in her high-waisted underwear, nude nursing bra, she joked, “Hair and makeup by: @exhaustion.”

Another strong advocate for body positivity post-birth is model Ashley Graham, who hasn’t been shy in uploading honest content of her bod.

After giving birth to her first child, son Isaac in January, Graham uploaded a photo of the stretch marks left on her stomach.

The photo has since garnered 1.5 million likes and nearly 20k comments, with most praising the new mum’s candour.

“Beautiful,” said one, adding: “Love seeing this! I’ve got none on my tummy yet but getting some new tiger stripes on my hips and booty.”

Another added: “You human birthing WARRIOR!!!! Thanks for posting! am grateful for you! Your confidence is such a powerful example! Thank you!”

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