Gigi Hadid’s Kitchen Cabinets Are Decorated With Dyed Pasta And The Images Are So Absurd

As much as we want to think that celebrities are just like us, it never feels quite like #relatable content when stars share photos of their homes. Whether it’s a huge rotating eagle sculpture or an absurd number of fridges, Hollywood’s finest live in homes much different than us normal folk. So when Gigi Hadid shared photos of her newly decorated New York City home we weren’t expecting it to be ordinary…but the pasta art in her kitchen is just the start.

Gigi Hadid posing for a picture: Gigi Hadid posted photos of her NYC apartment's finished decorations, and there's colorful pasta art on her kitchen cabinets.

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Gigi Hadid posted photos of her NYC apartment’s finished decorations, and there’s colorful pasta art on her kitchen cabinets.

Gigi shared a photo set on her Instagram page of her home, with a caption describing all of the hard work that went into decorating it. “Spent all of last year designing and curating my passion project / dream spot. Of course it all came together right before quarantining out of the city…but I’m excited for the time I’ll get to spend enjoying all the special corners that were made with a lil help from some of my favorite creatives (tap!) who embraced my ideas and didn’t call me crazy,” she wrote in the caption. In each photo, she tagged the relevant designers who helped her vision come to life.

The entire place is covered in bright and eclectic patterns and colors, but the kitchen is where things really get interesting. Not only is there a centerpiece filled with billiard balls, but the cabinets are also decorated with dyed pasta. Vibrant bowties, penne, and what appears to be linguine are all displayed on the cabinets on her kitchen island and according to her tag, she had an expert help out with them.

Linda Miller Nicholson (@SaltySeattle on Instagram) has “Plant-Dyed Pasta Art” in her Instagram bio to prove she’s an expert in this field. Her feed consists of everything from plaid ravioli to striped tortellini and so many other gorgeous, colorful iterations.

So at the very least we know that Gigi and Zayn didn’t work long, tireless hours in the kitchen trying to dye pasta themselves to use as decoration. They called on the big guns to help them out. Good for them! I guess!

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