Final counts are in for Interior primary races and some may require a recount | Local News

The Alaska Division of Elections has yet to certify final primary election results, but division workers completed counting ballots for Interior races Friday afternoon. 

Division spokeswoman Tiffany Montemayor confirmed that all in-person, absentee and questioned ballots have been counted for the following districts:


Senate District B

Conservative newcomer Robert Myers holds a lead of 16 votes over Republican incumbent Sen. John Coghill in this Republican primary race. 

With this small of a margin, this race will likely result in a recount and is well within the margin for the state to pay for the recount. However, a recount will need to be requested by one of the candidates. 

A recount is only automatically conducted if a race is tied. No candidate can request a recount until election results are certified by the state elections board, a process that will likely happen early next week, according to Montemayor.

Whoever is named the eventual victor in the Republican primary will face nonpartisan candidates Evan Eads and Marna Sanford in the November general election. 

There are no Democratic candidates for this race.


House District 1

Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly member Christopher Quist is eight votes ahead of Bennie Colbert in the Democratic primary. 

This race will also likely result in a recount. 

Whoever wins the Democratic primary will face Republican incumbent Rep. Bart LeBon in the November general election. LeBon, who won his seat in 2018 by a single vote, ran unopposed in the Republican primary. 

No nonpartisan or unaffiliated candidates are registered for this race. 


House District 2

Republican incumbent Rep. Steve Thompson is 39 votes ahead of conservative challenger Dave Selle. 

Whoever is certified as the victor will face Democratic candidate Jeremiah Youmans, who ran unopposed in his primary. 

These candidates may also face nonpartisan candidate Matthew Wasdyke, but that remains to be seen as Wasdyke’s certification from the Division of Elections is listed as “pending.”


House District 3

Republican incumbent Rep. Mike Prax ran unopposed in his Republican primary. There are no Democratic, unaffiliated or nonpartisan candidates registered for the race, making the general race for the North Pole-based House seat essentially a done deal in Prax’s favor.


House District 4

There were no primaries for this House seat. Democratic incumbent Rep. Grier Hopkins will face Republican candidate Keith Kurber in November. 

There are no nonpartisan or unaffiliated candidates in this race.

Hopkins received 2,369 votes, and Kurber received 1,433. This includes nonpartisan and undeclared voters. Republican voters were able to vote in the Democratic primary, but Democratic voters were not allowed to vote in the Republican primary. 


House District 5

Democratic incumbent Rep. Adam Wool remains ahead of progressive newcomer Taryn Hughes by 532 votes in the Democratic primary. 

This lead is large enough to consider this race final; however, no results have been certified. 

Whoever is certified as the final victor will face Republican Kevin McKinley, who ran unopposed in his primary.

There are no nonpartisan or unaffiliated candidates in this race. 


House District 6

Republican candidate Mike Cronk has a strong lead over his two Republican competitors. Cronk received 1,337 votes, while Julie Morris received 471 votes and Ryan Smith received 253. 

Cronk will face unopposed Democratic candidate Julia Hnilicka as well as nonpartisan candidates Elijah Verhagen and Vernon Carlson in the November election. 

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