Each Room In This House Is Inspired By A Different Disney Movie

Disney fans take note, you’ll love this movie-themed home makeover, as each room in this spectacular house is inspired by a different film in the cartoon world.

Self-confessed ‘Disney decorator’ Kelsey Michelle (aka @kelseymichelle85 on Instagram) has taken the Disney theme to a new level – and we love it!

An 'Alice in Wonderland' style powder room (Credit: Instagram/kelseymichelle85)
An ‘Alice in Wonderland’ style powder room (Credit: Instagram/kelseymichelle85)

From a welcoming Disney doorstep that hints at what’s to come inside, to the master bedroom decked out like Cinderella’s, Kelsey has transformed her whole house into a fairytale paradise.

And, while a more subtle Mickey Mouse-themed kitchen features on-brand rugs and tea towels, a Little Mermaid bathroom takes the under the sea theme up a notch.

The 'Beauty and the Beast' themed dining room (Credit: Instagram/kelseymichelle85)
The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ themed dining room (Credit: Instagram/kelseymichelle85)

Taking inspiration from Tangled, Kelsey’s living room is Rapunzel-themed with flag banner. The Instagrammer has also put up a still from the film on the wall and added a purple velvet sofa to complete the look.

There’s also a Beauty and the Beast dining room – compete with vintage-style dining set and replica stained-glass windows and Alice in Wonderland style powder room.

Upstairs, the Cinderella-themed master bedroom features pastel bedding, pearl-lined curtains and a blue and gold bed and matching bedside tables made out to look like a royal bedroom.

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It’s the perfect room for a princess!

The 'Cinderella' bedroom features a royal bed frame and matching bedside tables (Credit: Instagram/kelseymichelle85)
The ‘Cinderella’ bedroom features a royal bed frame and matching bedside tables (Credit: Instagram/kelseymichelle85)

Completing the dreamy look, Kelsey has added clear ornaments to create bubbles on the wall, reminiscent of the scene where Cinderella sings while cleaning.

And the crafty mum’s Aladdin-themed master bathroom – which features genie lamp and mini replica of the cave entrance, naturally – becomes “even more magical at night” with its fairy lights and lanterns.

Kelsey’s daughters have their own Ariel bathroom too, which is decked out with all things The Little Mermaid, including a Flounder shower curtain and pearl accessories, while a Lady and the Tramp nursery includes sweet details such as artwork from the film and dog soft toys.

The Ariel-themed bathroom (Credit: Instagram/kelseymichelle85)
The Ariel-themed bathroom (Credit: Instagram/kelseymichelle85)

And that’s not all – there’s also a Lion King-themed guest bedroom, a Lilo and Stitch living room, Peter Pan nook and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves-themed hallway, with its own “mirror mirror on the wall”. Plus Kelsey has even found a space for Te Fiti’s heart from Moana.

This is the stuff dreams are made of!

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