Duck egg blue: The best laid decorating plans begin with this hue

While tonal looks may have originated by drenching a space from tip to toe in a variety of strengths of a single hue, this highly desirable on-trend look has evolved to include others within the same ‘colour family,’ or adjacent ones. Working with Resene Duck Egg Blue in eighth, quarter, half, full, double and triple strengths can create a beautiful space in its own right, but you can also try blending it with a mix of lighter powder blues, greyed denim blues, darker purple blues and greener teal blues that all have a similar dusted nature. 

Don’t be afraid to add some high-level contrast to the room, either. Painting a room in a richer duck egg blue with a single accent wall or furniture in a deep blue-black like Resene Blue Night, Resene Indian Ink or Resene Dark Knight will draw the eye and create further interest. Keep things simple with staple furniture pieces and bedding options in mid-range blue-greys like Resene Neutral Bay or Resene Half Raven and accessorise with violet-blues like Resene Hendrix, Resene Waikawa Grey and Resene Zephyr.

Take it back to nature

Incorporating natural elements alongside duck egg blue is great for creating calm. Neutral-toned woven rugs and cushions made from jute, rattan, wool, linen and cotton help incorporate nature into space through natural fibres while adding necessary elements of texture. Choose them sandy or almond tints such as Resene Solitaire, Resene Triple Pearl Lusta or Resene Half Biscotti or cloudy greys like Resene Delta, Resene Half Surrender or Resene Silver Chalice.

House plants, whether real or artificial, are great natural touches to add to a room that has duck egg blue walls. Green and blue are colours that have been representative of nature for millennia, and leafy greens complement this particular blue hue especially well. Try potting your plants in vessels painted in cheerful apricots like Resene Roxy and Resene Coyote or pale blues like Resene Cut Glass, Resene Tranquil and Resene Jet Stream to bring in richer colours in a way that’s easily changeable whenever the mood strikes.

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