Driftwood Decor-home to the world’s finest authentic driftwood furniture

Welcome to Driftwood Decor, home of the most beautiful and extensive selection of authentic driftwood furniture in the world including our driftwood coffee tables, driftwood foyer tables, driftwood dining table & driftwood end tables. Our custom driftwood and glass tables and lamps are crafted from the root systems of the red cedar tree found on the remote islands on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Because these trees are shallow rooted and grow on limestone rock, they are blown over in storms, exposing the driftwood to the weather for years. These unique driftwood root systems offer the perfect starting base for our custom designed driftwood and glass coffee tables, dining room tables, sofa/foyer tables, console tables, end tables, and driftwood lamps.



We’ve been in our Orlando location for 40 years, providing a unique display of our custom designed and built driftwood tables and lamps. All are readily available to occupy a place in your home or business. The majority of the driftwood coffee, dining, foyer & end tables have the silver gray, sun bleached patina as that finish takes the longest to achieve.

Our in-house photography studio ensures our customers receive the highest quality pictures of both in process and finished pieces so that you can be confident knowing that the driftwood table or lamp you receive will exactly meet your expectations!  We know it can be unsettling to order a custom piece online, however it is always our objective to make sure the photographs represent the  actual piece that will arrive safely to your door.
We invite you to check our customers’ feedback. Some of your questions may be addressed here.

I work with several raw driftwood providers who are able to meet my specific requirements for custom pieces. From their extensive driftwood inventory I’m able to select the perfect pieces for my designs.


A fresh supply of driftwood root systems

No appointment is necessary but it is always a good idea to let me know when your visit is planned to ensure I’m available on site with a good selection of pieces per your personal specifications. Driftwood Decor is usually open Monday through Saturday & welcomes your visit. I’m happy to take you through the process of turning a raw driftwood root system into a driftwood table that could be the “signature” piece in your living or dining room.

Please visit our customer gallery to visualize what a driftwood table would look like in your home or business.

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