Dothan Prep staff paint motivating quotes on bathroom walls


a close up of a sign: Dothan Preparatory staff and former students paint encouraging quotes on bathroom walls.

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Dothan Preparatory staff and former students paint encouraging quotes on bathroom walls.

Dothan Preparatory School staff and former students got their hands messy completing an art project to give a part of the school a fresh look.


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It’s more than a facelift for the building. It’s to welcome students back with motivation and inspiration.

Writing on school bathroom walls and stalls has always been an issue that admiration has had to tackle.

Over the weekend it was the teachers, staff, and former students doing the doodling and instead of pens and pencils, they used paint and brushes.

“Dothan Preparatory Academy, formerly Dothan High School, has a rich history. Historically the bathrooms that we chose to give a facelift too they’ve been here for some time,” says Dothan Prep 8th grade principal Danielle Parker.

They volunteered their time and resources to cover negative writings and messages that were left by students over the years with encouraging quotes in the girl’s and boys’ 8th-grade hall bathrooms.

“We’re coming back from a very difficult break it’s a confusing time already for middle school students as they transition to adolescent and adulthood,” says Dothan Preparatory Academy 8th grade English language arts teacher Jason Maddox.

“We hope it will be a positive impact on our students, give them something to look forward to when they come in the bathroom a little inspiration, also let them know that we love them we care, and we care for their safety and we’re happy they are back,” says Dothan Preparatory teacher Angelie Johnson.

Along with uplifting students, the staff hopes it will remind them of the power words have.

“In society right now we often use words on social media to try to tear us down and we have some great leadership here at DPA who are leading the way and using words to build each other up and I feel very fortunate to be a part of that,” says Maddox.

The project is one of the first the staff has come together to do for students this school year, but it won’t be the last.

“We look forward to an awesome year and this is just the beginning,” says Parker.

The school plans to do the same for every bathroom in the building over time.

The paint used was donated by local businesses including Lowe’s, L&L Lawn Care, and Smooth Visuals.

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