Don’t Feel Like Yourself Because Of The Pandemic? Experts Tell Us 10 Ways To Feel Better

For some time now, social media users have been marking the beginning of each month by heaving collective sighs. “What? It’s September already?!”, many people exclaimed at the beginning of this month, trying to come to terms with the fact that we only have four months left in the year, much of which we have spent inside at home.

A college classmate whose workout videos on Instagram are something that I get inspiration from, albeit while only lying down, posted one day that she had trouble waking up for her workouts. This sense of feeling a little ‘off’, like we are unlike ourselves, has been affecting many of us and shows up in different ways — several friends have told me they were having trouble sleeping or keeping up with activities that they otherwise loved. While many of us may not be able to put a finger on exactly what is bothering us, all of us have had days when we haven’t felt quite like ourselves. Mental health experts HuffPost India spoke to say these feelings range from loneliness, grief, loss, trauma and much more.

“I think we are all experiencing a ‘mass trauma’ which is impacting our mental health. We are witnessing, experiencing, feeling and trying to process so much happening across the world, simultaneously at once,” said Shaina Vasundhara Bhatia, a psychotherapist and counselling psychologist based in Gurugram.

And while we are all trying to adapt to the “new normal”, the constant threat of Covid-19 is still very real, and so are the tanking economy and prospect of job losses. Everything we knew to be “normal” and had taken for granted — meeting friends, holiday plans, hopes of studying abroad, attending the wedding of a loved one, or even just being in the same space with people you love and spend time — may seem out of reach now.

Bhatia said that we’re not wired to be in the constant state of “hyper vigilance” that we’re experiencing right now, which is throwing us off. For some others, she added, dormant concerns that they had may now be surfacing, due to the many triggers the pandemic had brought along.

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