Dishing On The Kips Bay Decorator Show House With Two Local Designers

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The legendary Kips Bay Decorator Show House has been an anticipated social event in the New York design world for the last 47 years. Lucky for us, the charitable home exhibit announced earlier this year that it was launching a location in Dallas. Since then, the local design industry has been abuzz about the details. Which designers would be chosen? How will they put their personal aesthetic stamp on the space? And naturally, we’ve been stalking designers’ social media accounts trying to get a peek since the roster was announced in July.

This week the 11,476-square-foot Preston Hollow manse has finally been unveiled. Every inch of the home was curated and designed by local designers who sourced materials from local showrooms and shops like Jan Showers, The Rug Company, and The Container Store. We asked two local designers, Doniphan Moore and Michelle Nussbaumer, to dish on all the details—from the inspiration of their spaces to what it was like to design dream closets with The Container Store.

Doniphan Moore – Primary bathroom, closets, and coffee bar

Photo By Lisa Petrole

Tell me about the inspiration for the bathroom space.

I immediately knew that I wanted to use hand-painted wallpaper. De Gournay has been working on a prototype of a new design, which is the idea of moonlight wisteria, and I wanted to further the design to include additional species of trees in the space.

How did you work with the existing space to make it your own?

The room is an octagon, so I chose not to do any cabinets. I wanted to be able to maintain the visual shape. I opened everything up and used a freestanding bathtub and a wall-mounted washstand. I wanted it to feel like a menagerie of falling branches in keeping with the idea.

I love the different mix of metals and stones. How did you make them all work together?

There are all types—pewter, champagne, brass, nickel, stainless steel. It’s all there, yet it feels effortless and unencumbered. Within the space there are five different stone materials represented but it’s done in a beautiful and soft way. It doesn’t feel busy by any means. When mixing metals it’s important to figure out the balance. There are calm moments to make it all work.

Tell me about his closet. It’s so luxurious.

The closets were super fun. For his closet, I wanted it to be preppy. The Paris Ceramics reclaimed French oak chevron floor was extremely important in setting the tone. I used a ton of different wood finishes like lacquered woods and reclaimed woods. All of those luxe elements highlight The Laren Custom Closet line from The Container Store. They worked with me on making sure the height was right. It was really important for the space to feel grand and spacious. And The Container Store LED lighting makes it shine.

And hers? It looks like a high-end boutique!

Hers features de Gournay wallpaper, and I designed a rug with The Rug Company for the middle of the space. All of the furniture wrapped around that circle and around it is cabinetry on three sides. Again, The Container Store did a beautiful job. We worked together to make sure there was equal representation for various types of storage like the clothes sections, open sections, drawers, shelving, and shoes. I wanted it to feel like a boutique but also be highly functional.

And every main suite needs a coffee bar, of course.

The whole wing is a jewel box, and the coffee bar area is the prelude to that as it’s the first room you enter. The environment is truly enveloping. It’s textural, layered, modern, but classically inspired, and I think it’s a really fun, handsome space.

Michelle Nussbaumer – Turkish writer’s lair

Photo By Lisa Petrole

How did you transform this bedroom into a Turkish-inspired writer’s lair?

I got the room that was supposed to be the daughter’s bedroom. I knocked out part of a wall to create an arch, which added architectural integrity. Now it’s a magic carpet ride. In New York, it would be an apartment. There’s a closet, a bathroom, and a writer’s area. I also included a daybed from Ceylon et Cie.

I know that your travels often inspire your spaces. How did they inform this room?

All the fabric in the room is from my line with Clarence House, and that line is my inspiration for the room. The collection incorporates my travels, designs, and pictures I’ve taken throughout North Africa, Spain, Morocco, Mexico, and Italy. It’s also the vibe in Turkey. Turkey incorporates the things I love most, which is European interiors and Islamic interiors. That’s what this room is about.

You’ve mixed and matched so many textures, colors, and fabrics. Tell me more about that.

I used my wallpaper line which is launching in October with Paul Montgomery Studio. This wallpaper line was inspired by my travels in Egypt and the palaces in the Islamic world. I also added my watercolor renderings from Wendover Art group. This is my second collection, which is based on Islamic motifs.

The closet is a dream!

It is—it’s a dream accessories closet. Every girl wants to look in her closet and make any outfit come to life. I used The Laren Custom Closet line in Chestnut from The Container Store, Clarence House textiles, and my Addison Weeks hardware to customize the space. I wanted a place for handbags, shoes, and jewelry. I designed spaces with The Container Store to include spaces for handbags, drawers compartmentalized for jewelry, and a beautiful mirror you can slide out. And there’s a little area for hanging your stoles, scarves, and belts. Working with The Container Store was a delight.

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