Cliche self-care tips that just work

In need of some extra self-care lately? Between late-night studying for the LSAT, taking summer session finals and trying to maintain a social(ly distanced) life, sometimes I just need a minute! And sometimes you should take a minute too. Time has been flying by and the days are all starting to mesh together — especially when I checked my calendar and noticed that it’s August. It is crucial that we take care of ourselves so that we can be our best. You might already know of these cliche self-care tips, but here’s a reminder that some of them really do work!

Buy yourself some flowers

Plants are all the rage right now. But I will never underestimate the effect of putting some pretty flowers in a space. The trick is to always buy the ones that look furthest from blooming so that you get to enjoy them for longer! I switch it up by placing flowers right by the doorway for a treat when I come home. Or sometimes, I place them on my desk for something nice to look at when I’m working. Don’t forget to shop local.

Masks, of course!

Face and hair masks are the holy grail of self-care! There’s something about having one on that just makes you feel at peace. Sometimes, when we’re overworking ourselves, we can see it in our skin or our hair. Doing a mask is a way to pick yourself back up from what might have been some neglect. See Sera Smith’s DIY hair and face masks article for some inspiration!

You’re never too old for a bubble bath

I had someone tell me one time that no one over the age of 5 is allowed to take bubble baths. Can you believe that?! Bubble baths are like a self-care spell. Light a candle and grab a book. Then enjoy some time unplugged and disconnected while being relaxed by a warm bath. You’ll be surprised how many of your problems will wash away with the suds.

Spend some time in the sun

The easiest and most cost-efficient self-care is getting yourself outside. Whether school deadlines are piling up or you’re in an unmotivated slump, relocate to the outdoors. From your backyard to a hiking trail, the feeling of sunshine on your skin and vitamin D will bounce you back quicker than you know it! Add a friend (with 6 feet in between you and masks on) for some extra love and care.

Anyone can practice self-care! So find something that brings you a little peace and happiness, and do it for yourself today.

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