Celebrating Australian nature with new timber-inspired Caroma collection

Tasmanian Timber brings home the experience of Australian nature with a beautifully created and meticulously refined line of products made from some of the most exquisite timbers available anywhere in the world. The focus on simple and sustainable materiality is more important than ever in the evolving industry, making Tasmanian timber, undeniably, a superior choice for any environment. 

The new Elvire Collection by leading Australian bathroomware brand, Caroma takes inspiration from the best of Tasmanian timber to celebrate contemporary minimalism in a natural environment.

The concept of bathroom design has evolved over the decades from a functional space that’s fitted out with fixtures chosen for their practicality, to a carefully planned personalised environment that also gives due consideration to materiality, aesthetics and experience.

Established in 1941, Caroma has consistently reshaped the face of bathrooms, demonstrating the finest of progressive Australian design and changing the way we look at bathroom environments. A global brand that pioneered the luxury element in bathroom design, Caroma recently introduced the Elvire Collection that represents a blend of masterful artistry and unique materiality.

A creation of award-winning designer, Luke Di Michiel, Elvire is the stunning outcome of Caroma’s collaboration with Tasmanian Timber, with the collection paying homage to the innate beauty and exceptional functionality of Australia’s natural materials. Di Michiel saw an opportunity to revitalise the idea of the everyday bathroom, transforming this space into a sanctuary of personality and charm, elevated by bold materiality.

The Elvire Collection features the light-hued Tasmanian Oak as well as the rich, deeper tone of Tasmanian Blackwood, with the natural timber accents creating a personalised experience in the bathroom like no other. Dynamic and versatile, the materiality honours the heritage of the Australian land as well as its efficiency as a building material in the contemporary wet space. 

The intricate use of natural timber throughout the collection infuses a sense of comfort, warmth and familiarity, transforming the bathroom into a place of serenity and exclusivity within the home. The timber is carefully treated and sealed for durability and water resistance, providing the resilience to withstand the requirements of the wet space.

Described as the ‘ultimate renewable’, natural timber contains the lowest embodied energy with minimal carbon and environmental impacts than any comparable building material. Timber’s green credentials make it the preferred ethical design solution that doesn’t compromise on style.

The partnership with Tasmanian Timber demonstrates Caroma’s passion for supporting the local manufacturing market to elevate the Australian design industry. Encapsulating inspiring design in a meticulous composition of honest materials, the Elvire Collection features an exquisite range of tapware, toilet suites, vanities, basins, freestanding bathtubs and a one-of-a-kind gunmetal showerhead.

Elvire explores the best of modern Australian ingenuity with a range that represents a bigger conversation centred on sustainable innovation – ultimately revolutionising the holistic bathroom experience. 

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