Cat Deeley admits ‘exhausting’ motherhood left her unsure what to say to her kids

Cat Deeley appeared on This Morning on Tuesday and explained to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about the inspiration for her children’s book.

She said she had so much she wanted to say to sons Patrick and Milo, but she found it hard to articulate it.

Cat wanted to inspire children and show them they could do anything, which is the premise for The Joy In You, her debut children’s book.

Cat revealed: “It was just one of those things, like every other mum at the end of the day once you’ve fed them and they’ve been in the bath and they smell delicious and all of those things, you are completely exhausted.

Cat Deeley posing for a picture: Cat said her book was to inspire children to be confident

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Cat said her book was to inspire children to be confident

“Well, I am anyway, if I’m being very honest.

“It was kind of an idea of what would I like to say to them when I can’t find the words and I’m completely inarticulate and I can’t string a sentence together.

“What do I want to say to my boys and so that was really the idea behind the book.

a group of people sitting at a table: Cat has two young sons

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Cat has two young sons

“It’s a series of feelings and moments and thoughts and emotions and it’s kind of top and tailed with love.”

She added: “I think it’s good to feel about 7 ¾ sometimes and to try new things.

‘I think we’re never too old to try new things and sometimes the things that scare us a little bit are good to try too.”

Anthony McPartlin, Cat Deeley, Declan Donnelly sitting on a bench: Cat Deeley with Ant and Dec during their SM:TV days

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Cat Deeley with Ant and Dec during their SM:TV days

Cat recently reunited with her former SM: TV co stars Ant and Dec, and Cat giggled at their hair and clothes as she watched back an old clip.

When the hosts played her an old clip from the show, a mortified Cat even got up from her chair and walked off to escape the embarrassment.

On filming the reunion documentary, Cat said: “It actually got a little bit emotional, because I think that it was at a time in our lives that we didn’t have any responsibilities really.

“We were doing really badly to begin with and then it kind of turned around.

“We found our feet, we found the chemistry between us and we were just really enjoying it.”

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