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Master Bathroom


Everything went according to plan.  I hired John to complete the bathroom re-do after he and his crew had installed our wood flooring.  We’ve all heard stories of contractors not showing up when expected or not even bothering to return phone calls.  I found this to be true when I was getting estimates on the bathroom.  This was not the case with John.  When he was coming to give the estimate, he was running a little late (only about ten minutes.)  He actually called to tell me that he would be a little late.  I knew at that moment if he gave me a fair price, he’d have the job.  (He and his crew had done a great job with the floors, so that also helped.) Well, he did give a fair price and he continued to be available throughout the process. 

During the process, I often changed my mind about the details.  John took it all in stride and worked with me.  He repeatedly stated that he wanted me to be happy with the end result.  I was able to bounce ideas off of him, and he would tell me whether or not they would work.  Additionally, he suggested some details that I hadn’t thought of, and many of his ideas were incorporated into the plan.  He has a good sense of design style.

John is very personable and easy to work with.  If I wasn’t satisfied with the way something turned out, he re-did it.  For instance, one of his guys laid the tile in the bathroom.  After the job was finished, I noticed that one edge of a tile wasn’t flush with the rest of the floor.  I mentioned it to John, and he came back the next day and replaced the tile.  Through it all, he made it seem like it was not a problem to re-do it.  Again, he wanted me to be completely satisfied with the end result.  And I am.  I love my new bathroom (and my hardwood floors!) and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with John again.

Description of work:

John remodeled my master bathroom.  He also installed hardwood flooring in my living room, kitchen, pantry area, and master bedroom. 







Project Cost: $25,000

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