Bathroom Demo – Download

Bathroom is a Japanese horror game where you start out in the murky depths of a random bathroom, without a single clue as to why you’re there or exactly where you came from. The only thing you’ll know for sure is that in order to open the exit door you have to type in a four-digit code.

Oddly enough, you’ll soon realize that even deep inside this dreary, dark bathroom there are still piles of objects to play with like portraits (all of them of Audrey Hepburn — don’t ask us why), a mirror, and a tiny box closed with lock and key.

Actually physically leaving the bathroom is not really the end of Bathroom, but it is the central part of the game. Once you manage to find the right combination and get the door open, you’ll go down the hall and the main room of a mysterious house. And let’s just say, it’s probably best if each player finds out everything that can happen on their own.

Bathroom is a really terrifying horror game, which like all of its kind, is best enjoyed in the dark and with headphones (or with your volume turned all the way up). In short, we’re looking at one of those games that, although short, gives you more of a fright. Especially thanks to its excellent soundtrack, which will keep you alert and in constant tension.

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