4 Stationary Sites To Glamp

As we round off the summer of 2020, it is becoming clear that there is no end to the Corona crisis in sight. Whether you were optimistic about our speedy recovery or knew that something like this would annihilate any semblance of normal, we have all felt the effects of our mass retreat into our homes in one way or another. As some communities begin to reemerge and others remain in hibernation, travel has become even more of a hot button issue than it has been in recent years. 

Should we be traveling or should we be staying at home? Is there an ethical way to travel, or is it reckless to leave your town at all? As we navigate this minefield together and as restrictions and suggestions evolve every few weeks, a central theme has emerged: keep it simple, keep it small, keep it contained.

With that in mind, Americans have begun to err on the side of close-knit, friends and family road trips this summer. Because of a vast network of home-sharing repositories, it has become pretty simple to avoid major hotels or places with heavy human turnover. If you are looking for a few ideas on how to spend the rest of your summer weekends or if you’re looking to plan an autumn getaway for the coming months, why not shack up in a stationary RV for a few nights? It’s the best of both worlds; you get an off-the-beaten-path experience without having to actually drive a gigantic vehicle. Win-win!

If you’re wondering where to even begin looking for something like that, GlampingHub is a great place to start. Besides traditional glampsites, GlampingHub hosts a huge variety of unique accommodations. If stretching out in an old Airstream sounds ideal, here are a few stationary RV sites to consider for your next road trip. 

As with all travel this year, you’ll want to check for up-to-date COVID trends before making nonrefundable or inflexible plans. Johns Hopkins breaks out trends by state and cumulative cases at the county level to help you make an informed decision.

In some cases, the safest decision may be to not travel at all, especially if you are currently in a region with cases that are trending upward. The safety of the residents of the place you visit is as important to consider as your own. This list is meant to provide you with some inspiration for when you and the destination’s local medical/government experts deem you can safely travel.

Don’t forget to confirm with local businesses about potential closures or reduced service levels as well as health and safety policies. 

Vintage Glamping Near LA

Rewind to 1954 and head to SoCal for an unforgettable night in a secluded caravan. Not only does this glampsite include a vintage trailer that is fully furnished with all the glamping necessities, but it also features a cozy outdoor space for relaxing in the sun and the shade. 

Pop inside the trailer for access to a fully stocked kitchen, a dining area, a bedroom, a bathroom including a shower, and heating and air conditioning. In addition to the main trailer, a smaller trailer can serve as an intimate writer’s nook for some unplugged remote work. In the outdoor space, an additional bed is available during the summer months as well as a sunny dining and sitting area. It’s a consummate balance of comfort and nature in a private nook overlooking the San Fernando Valley.

Romantic Glamping in North Carolina

If you’re up for a little extra color and sparkle in your life, this Raleigh hotspot puts the “glam” in “glamping.” At first sight, the little yellow trailer already paints a smile on your face but the outdoor amenities certainly put this listing over the top. 

Inside the trailer, guests enjoy a queen-sized bed, a mini kitchenette, a heated blanket for cooler nights, and air conditioning for warmer days. Outside stands a swinging egg chair near a cozy outdoor fireplace and an outdoor mosaic tub lit by glittering twinkle-lights and candles. 

The entire aesthetic of this place is like something out of a fairy tale; while the vibe is ideal for a romantic getaway, it’s also well-suited to pairs of friends who like to spend time staging insta-shoots together and playing with props, sets and lighting. In short, this site is a dream for any creative.

Airstream in the Georgia Forest

If you vibe pretty well with the idea of staying in a stationary Airstream for a few nights, then you’re likely to thrive in the middle of the woods either by yourself or with two or three close friends. This Airstream is located in the Georgia forest near Carters Lake and even though the trailer itself can keep you warm and dry with its four cozy beds, you’ll enjoy extra protection with an onsite A-frame pavilion.

This site includes all of the appliances, pots, pans, dishes and utensils you’ll need to cook a full meal. There is a bathroom indoors and an impeccably decorated shower outdoors, plus a spacious covered area outside of the Airstream with a standing heater and comfortable furniture. Take a soak in the oak-barrel tub or enjoy a walk through the woods. Either way, this glampsite is just the ticket for anyone who needs a few days to unplug and recharge. 

Covered Wagon in Utah

This one isn’t exactly a refurbished RV but it’s even more old-fashioned than that. Many of us are feeling nostalgic, but if you long for pioneer days a trip down memory lane could be an ideal vacation spot for you.

Nestled in the Utah hills near Bryce Canyon lies a fleet of Conestoga wagons, each decked out with a king-sized bed, a bunk bed, fresh linens, a microwave and a coffee maker. Although there isn’t any running water inside the wagons, each one comes with a private bathroom area nearby. Outdoor amenities include a grill, a barrel campfire and communal recreational spaces for the whole family to enjoy.

Bottom Line

This season has carried quite a few inward-facing vibes and the concept of retreat is one of them. As we redefine what it means to travel safely, remember that more intimate home-sharing options are widely available for trips by yourself or with your friends and family.

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