30 Best Bedroom Interior Designs With Pictures In 2020

As history says, the bedroom or bedchamber was seen as a place of great importance in the community. It was believed that ancient people lacked the technology to create cot and beds which made to sleep on the floor. To make the right decision of the bedroom interiors this article would definitely be an eye-opener for the beginners in the field of bedroom interior designs.

Latest Bedroom Interior Designs India:

Here we enlisted 30 simple and modern bedroom interior designs in different models. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Wallpaper Designed Bedroom Interior:

You don’t have to redecorate your entire room bore to give it a fresh look. The solid colours might seem very straight forward and bore after a length of time. Wallpaper designed wall has the capacity of making a small space look bigger and modern.

2. Single Wall Color Painted Bedroom Interior:

There can be a couple of ways in which you can elevate the looks of your own room. Sometimes the traditional idea of designing works and sometimes even a single change in the room can bring out and change the outlook of the whole room. Such change is achieved by adding a different colour to one side of the wall.

3. Wall Tiles Bedroom Interior Design:

If you have a neutral or solid bold colour as your background then try pairing it up with tile stripes of lighter shade or darker shade according to the wall colour of the bedroom.

4. Painting Wall Bedroom Interior Design:

Unconventional mix match in the bedroom adds a  different perspective and help the bedroom achieve a whole new level of stabilization. Painted wall not only fills up a boring space but also adds details and shows your hard work towards the home decor of your room.

5. Bedroom Interior Design Pictures:

You don’t have to redecorate your entire room as give it a fresh look, instead if there is a blank wall above your head, then consider putting up a picture frame with a picture which means a lot to you.

6. Clock Inbuilt Bedroom Interior Design:

If you have a room with neutral colours and traditional and simple furniture try throwing in an inbuilt clock wall design to the bedroom. It highlights the bedroom wall and brings the whole room back into perspective.

7. Glass Decorated Bedroom Interior:

One of the main aims and agendas of home decor is to utilize the whole place. Try using stripes of colourful glass pieces or sheets of glasses of varying lengths and widths and see the magic it leaves in your room.

8. Colourful Curtain Bedroom Interior Design:

Try matching unconventional colours like parrot green and navy blue or orange with navy blue or purple colour curtain design which can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of the room.

9. Single Leather Chair Designed Interior:

If you have a room of classic taste try adding leather furniture to it more. Leather portrays a classical and vintage look to the entire room. Try matching unconventional colours like parrot green and navy blue or orange with navy blue.

10. Carpet Lined Bedroom Flooring:

If you have the room with printed wallpapers then you can design the flooring with carpet which has the same colour as the wallpaper. It might look a bit too overcrowded for the room but it does work pretty well and brings out the true passion of your mind.

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11. Vintage Chair and Desk Decorated Bedroom Interior:

The house’s interior must be aesthetically appealing and practical at the same time. To think away from practical purpose few furniture can be set in the bedroom which has the vintage look.

12. Wood Frame Wall Bedroom Interior Design:

If you are too bored with normal colored walls or wallpaper textures, you can even consider using planks to build up and manage a free wall in your bedroom.  One such plank design is the wooden plank which is shaped according to the Architectural design.

13. LED Lighted Bedroom Interior Design:

The roof the bedroom is always left alone without any decoration generally, to get away from the usual design nowadays designers come up with a led light method which not only acts as a deco but also helps in cutting down electricity cost as well.

14. LED Lined Bed Interior Design:

If you have a room with neutral and light colors then the furniture needs to bright and appealing. One such way of highlighting the bed could be by using Led lined Bed. These LED strips are seen around the leg of the bed.

15. Wooden Furniture Designed Bedroom Interior:

In order to nail,  the ideas you have put in try adding a detailed wooden dressing table, wooden bed, swooned side table which brings contrasts the look of the entire room with a rich look.

16. Wall Mounted TV Bedroom Design:

The norm of having tv only in the living room has been changed. The younger generation wants a television in their bedroom where they relax after a hectic day. This TV instead of having it on a tv stand they are wall mounted which also helps in gaining some space.

17. Glass Wardrobe Bedroom Interior Design:

Walk in wardrobes can be made only in spacious bedrooms or those who lack that spacious room, go on with a sliding door wardrobe design which has glass has the outer cover. The wardrobe is placed along with the walking space.

18. Japanese Interior Bedroom Design:

The concept of having a different bed design has gained its popularity, one such designer bed design is the Japanese bed.

19. Art Frame Bedroom Wall Interior Design:

An artistic way of decorating the bedroom is achieved by using art painting framed and hung onto the bedroom walls. The frame color can be selected according to the color of the bedroom wall.

20. Bed With Sofa Attached: New Bedroom Interior Design:

This new concept of having a sofa matched to the bed is certainly a modern bedroom design which is simply innovative. This type of furniture can be installed only in the spacious bedroom where the couple can sit on the sofa and watch the wall mounted tv serial too!

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21. Black Theme Bedroom Interior Design:

Black is a definitely the most neutral colour from all the other colors when it comes interior decoration of the bedroom. This black theme matched with Yellow light is a mind blowing combination. The Mattress is lined with black sheet too.

22.  Pink Theme Kids Bedroom Interior Design:

Pink a vibrant color which suits well for designing a kid interior of the bedroom. The walls o the bedroom can be painted rose or pink and the furniture can be installed in white or pink and white combination or can be made via-versa

23. Hanging Night Lamp Bedroom Interior Design:

The side table should not be left blank and empty, instead, a roof attached side light lamp can be connected which falls down till the night table stand. This floating night lamp has simply beautified the room.

24. Wall Mounted Floating  Bedroom Interior Design:

This innovative idea of creating a floating bed in the bedroom makes the room more spacious and elegant. The legs of the beds are missing instead the head rest of the bed is connected to the side night table and the back wall.

25. Study Shelf Attached: Modern Bedroom Interior Design:

One of the main aims and agendas of home decor is to utilize the whole place. Try efficient storage by building book shelves adjacent to your bed. The colour of the study shelf can be made simple with white colour.

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26. Wall Tiles Bedroom Interior Design:

These artistically carved tile walls give a traditional effect to the bedroom. The tiles are designed using laser technology and computerized designs. The designs used are more line-oriented or floral oriented drawings.

27. Chandelier Hanging Bedroom Interior Decor:

This oldest designers way of decorating a house is followed in this modern era too, instead of just using chandelier idea in the hall, the architect uses them to design the bedroom too. The bedroom is made more pleasant and attractive. The factor while putting man-made lighting in your house which has to be considered is the amount of natural light that enters your room and balancing the lamps according to that.

28. White Theme Bedroom Decor Design:

Next, to black colour, white is considered as the mild and natural color which suits for any kind of bedroom shape and design. The bed, furniture are all installed in white color. The only difficulty will in maintaining the colour.

29. Teak Wood Bedroom Window Frame Design:

In order to get a rich finish to the bedroom interior design, people can opt for windows with teak wood frame. The wood can be stained which makes it more pleasant and superior quality. During winters the woods needs to be maintained due to wood expansion.

30. Inbuilt Shelf: Beautiful Bedroom Interior Design:

This space creating bedroom design is highly in demand these days due to the fact that house these days are comparatively small. To this space shortage, it is advised to go for a wall inbuilt shelf design.

The best modern bedroom design is concluded to be the room which has an adequate amount of light entering and a balance between the furniture, paint and the light is made. An imbalance in any of these factors can lead to a poorly designed room. Bedroom designs can be a result of creativity and give people a chance to finally let go of their creative spirit. The evolution of bedrooms from the earlier past has seen quite a bit of change.

The present generation and people living in today’s generation respects privacy and allows it even from our own family, this is achieved with brilliantly designed bedroom interior design which includes noise proof door and other stunning amenities. You can also use online room planners for further assistance

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