The Bathroom Remodel Checklist For New Jersey Homeowners

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A little extra planning can ensure you end up with a bathroom you love.
A little extra planning can ensure you end up with a bathroom you love. (Shutterstock)

But to ensure you get a space that is tailored to your needs, you’ll want to do some planning ahead of time. Take these five steps before contacting a professional.

1. Plan Your Design

While professional bathroom remodelers will be able to help you make structural decisions, it’s wise for you to know ahead of time what you’d like the end result to look like. Do a little brainstorming to come up with concrete ideas, like, “I’d like a freestanding tub and separate shower,”

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Reese Witherspoon opens the doors to her very blue LA home

Hannah Hargrave

Reese Witherspoon opened the doors to her beautiful LA mansion and fans were instantly blown away by her gorgeous, blue decor.

The star is featuring on an episode of the new Netflix show The Home Edit and gave fans a sneak peek inside her plush property during the preview of the exciting project.

In the clip released on the show’s Instagram page, Reese welcomed the company founders and the show’s television hosts, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, into her house so they could get her closet organised. 

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While viewers will have to wait

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Kitchen Shoes Can and Should Be Ugly

The other week I unwittingly stumbled on a controversial subject within my workplace. I asked my coworkers about their preferred footwear in the kitchen, only to learn that many of them are steadfast barefoot cooks and balked at my insistence on owning a pair of kitchen shoes.

Now I agree wholeheartedly with my coworkers who have a “no shoe” household. I absolutely feel that outdoor shoes, especially those that trek through the refuse and unidentified fluids of city streets, should not venture past the front door. Kitchen shoes, or house shoes generally, are special shoes that stay inside, and remain unsoiled by the outside world.

I wear kitchen shoes because as much as I would like to never spill anything on the floor, I do so regularly. On top of that, there is nothing that makes me feel more unsettled, more physically perturbed than stepping on crumbs, a slightly tacky

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White House, EU Slap New Sanctions On Belarus Officials

The European Union and the United States approved new sanctions aimed at members of the regime of Belarussian President Alyaksander Lukashenko on Friday, months into a brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protests following an Aug. 9 election that Western observers have denounced as rigged.

According to an announcement from the U.S. Department of Treasury, the sanctions will target eight individuals, including the deputy interior minister and the head of the Central Election Commission, who are “responsible for, or have participated in, undermining democratic processes in Belarus.”

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said, in a statement, “The Belarusian people’s democratic aspirations to choose their own leaders and peacefully exercise their rights have been met with violence and oppression from Belarusian officials… The United States and our international partners stand united in imposing costs on those who have undermined Belarusian democracy for years.”

Earlier Friday, E.U. officials announced their organization’s own sanctions against Belarusian

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